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Who is ILOVEGRIME and most importantly what is ILOVEGRIME?

Honestly i probably will never say but for circumstances out of my control perhaps maybe one day the world will find out?

Glenn Hysen:What marker pen would you have used for your eyebrows if your avatar was in fact you?

ILG: I prefer paint pens but would have used a 1.5 marker for the eyebrows

Feasible_Weasel: What music did u grow up on?

ILG: Reggae as my father was in a well known sound system as i was growing up, and Jungle and Old School Garage as that was what my big brother used to pump out when I was younger

Feasible_Weasel: Do u think badgers will become aroused if they saw foxes mating?

ILG: I would expect so yes animals are very wierd creatures

Unknown Quantity: If your mother came at you armed only with a dlido, what would you do?

ILG: I would run, my mum has dished out some fierce beatings to me in the past any object can be used as a weapon when she is concerned.

PDC-Ent: Have you ever watched through the keyhole as your parents were having sex in the middle of the night?

ILG: No I live on my own so I am not aware of my parents bedroom activities, if I did happen to be at home and heard sounds that I did not like I would fight my father

Morris: Popcorn chicken or chicken nuggets?

ILG: Popcorn Chickhen everytime no doubt and I have to include  fries, apple pie and a chickhen burger with barbecue sauce

Johnny Zoot: You blog about music, do you think drugs and music is a good mix?

ILG: Tough question I think it depends on self control, aslong as the person in question is in control and does not allow the drugs to be in control then I don’t see it becoming a problem.

e13sosuckyourmum: Why do you love grime?

ILG: My first introduction to grime was Living Legends Billy Da Kid and Guyvor on Delight Fm, Monday I think there show was on and after that it just grew started listening to So Solid Sundays and since then well I guess it just grew and grerw, I just love the raw energy and power of grime and the fact that it is real london music makes it better, I was a street kid and Grime music was what I could relate to.

Diss04: If you had Parkinson’s would you glue your hand to your cock?

ILG: No i would glue it to my knee so that I could get a wheelchair with 5 gears

Bwoy dun now: If you had to build a music group from any time period, any genre, who would it consist of and why?

ILG: Wiley, MJ,50 Cent, Ryan Leslie,Ma$e, Beyonce and B.I.G my all time superstar group the talent and creativity the music that these guys would make together would be amazing, could you imagine a Wiley and Ma$e bars up on snowman wow

EazyNah: If u could slump any emcee who would it be and why?

ILG: I think it would have to be all mc’s that got lazy and stopped working and also all mc’s who changed up there flow and just sound awful compared to when they first came out

EazyNah: Who are your favourite artists from other genres?

ILG: Michael Jackson, B.I.G, Ma$e, Trey Songs,  Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Buju Banton, Mavado, Vybz Cartel, SHY fx, Chase and Status and Bob Marley

Trapstar: Who are your top 3 mc’s:

ILG: Wiley,Plague and Delusion

Diss04: Why did you choose to call yourself I LOVE GRIME?

ILG: Well I think the name speaks for itself and it tells people what i love and that is grime music

Lex Diamonds: If you had to chose a british boyband to join which one and why?

ILG: I would join JLS as i entered the x factor the same year that they did and they are actually cool guys I can also dance pretty good aswell so I would fit in pretty well with them

Quality Control: would you rather have the hind legs of a zebra or the hind legs of a llama?

ILG: I would choose none and sway for a lion’s legs because I am a rasta man and lion is a symbol of power


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