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The Skeng Daddy EP

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Download The Skeng Daddy EP NOW!

A full write up will be added later on today, but for the time being download and enjoy and look out for the interviews that are on way. Tell a friend I LOVE GRIME is back!




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Age: 23
Occupation: ???
Ends you rep:E12. MP E15 STRATTY
ILG: Why the name Spyro, did you like the game Spyro The Dragon that much?
SPYRO: You know what this is gonna sound so funny. I have been mixing from a young age and cos my record bag was almost as big as me I could never carry it properly always switching arms and sum 1 come out with I looked like Spyro The Dragon when I carry my records, the names stuck on me ever since 

ILG: How did you become the tour Dj for Tinchy Stryder what is the story I thought it would have being a Dj from Ruff Sqwad?
SPYRO: I became Tinchy’s tour Dj because they was looking for a Dj that would be there for every tour date, basically just someone consistent and Dj Begg was more focused on his football (BADMAN BALLER) and Scholar is a busy guy 24/7. 

ILG: Do you get to wile out and have a mix for the crowd to hear or is it a set track list for you to spin?
SPYRO: OF COURSE!!! in between the acts I give them some grime for there ears and in tinchy’s show I have my own input that we both agree on to add stuff to the show so yeh man always giving them sum of Spyro’s crazy imagination lol
ILG: How old was you when you first got decks and what was your first vinyl?
SPYRO: I was 14 when I got a pair of technics 1200’s and I was I think 12 when I first started spending my dinner money on records lol
ILG: If you find out your girl has denchers would you leave her?
SPYRO: hahahahahahahahaha ur killing it
ILG: If there was a Lord Of The Decks who would you send for?
SPYRO: I would send for Mak Ten, Slimzee and of course Dj Ez because they were the lord of the decks when I was growing up. If it was now times I don’t think I would send for anyone.
ILG: P-Money or Ghetto?
SPYRO: I hate it when people ask me this question so I aint gonna answer it cos there both my mates and if I say one it’s wrong lol

ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?
SPYRO: When it comes to a question like this, then we are all as important as each other what people don’t relise is that we all need each other in some shape or form example mc needs a beat, Producer might need a Mc on a beat and the Dj needs the both of them for hosting etc, so yeh we all need each other!!!!

ILG: I saw you checking out Amelle at 1xtra Live her batty was looking firm did you get the digits?
SPYRO:ha ha ha ha she’s a very nice looking lady but business is business and I aint trying to affect that.

ILG: If my memory is correct im sure you was in a crew called Kamikaze, Was you?
SPYRO: Yeh I was in the crew called kamikaze with Killa K, Offkey, Beastie, Skips, and B Marvel… 

ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?
SPYRO: I don’t understand why people do it cos it aint hard to sign up to itunes and just make a little purchase now and again, who can’t afford 79p? lol

ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?
SPYRO: the last thing I downloaded (copped from itunes) is Rhiana Russian Roulette.

ILG: Do you think that Grime will ever get a UK #1?
SPYRO: I bloody hope so, cos so many artists have come through the doors by doing grime first.
ILG: Alot of your tunes are in demand will you be making any releases any time soon?
SPYRO: yes yes yes.. Dok’s document cd is dropping first then we are going to put together a cd that will have 20 tracks. 1 million %

ILG: Vinyl or CD?
SPYRO: Nothing will beat the feel of a mix with vinyl. The thing is cos I use cdj’s now some people seem to think that I don’t own a pair of technics still… lol

ILG: Many Grime fans would consider you to be 1 of the Top 3 selected Dj’s who would you say are the Top 3 at the moment?
SPYRO: It’s weird cos just the other day I was holding the ariel in to listen to Slimzee on sunday 3-5pm on rinse and now I have this show. I feel happy to think that people think of me as doing well cos there are so many other badboy Dj’s out there and up and coming Dj’s doing what I used to do and that is practice everyday.

ILG: Who introduced you to Grime?
SPYRO: Mak Tizzle

ILG: What is the best Grime set you have ever heard?
SPYRO: Best set I have ever heard is when it was Diesle bk to bk with every badman Dj on Deja Vu and he had North East South West in there and I think that was the first time I heard Trim and I kept rewinding my tdk tape to hear the bars over and over lol

ILG: In your sets you mix Grime and Uk Funky, Many Grime fans hate this and would prefer you to concentrate on Grime what do you have to say to people who believe that as a Grime Dj you should stay away from the evil virus called Uk Funky ?
SPYRO: In my sets I will play the odd one or two maybe but it would not be a carried away ting and do half of my set of funky. On my show u will hear the mix and blend show or a straight grime show depending on how I feel that day but I am concentrating on the Grime more cos that’s the music that made me who I am and I will never forget that.

ILG: What was the first special that you had done for you?
SPYRO: I think the first special I had made for me was a Tu Tuff Crew dub lol I still got it up to this day

ILG: In a average week how many tunes do you receive from producers?
SPYRO: I think about 30 to 40 from all different producers

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?
SPYRO: 97s all the way

ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)
SPYRO: It’s missing the events without trouble cos if there weren’t no trouble then it wouldn’t be in the position its in. I could say its what mc’s say but that would be chatting shit cos 50 cent talks about everthing under the sun and he is rich and people look up to him.

ILG: Romario or Kaka? 

ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?
SPYRO: Yes we will. well I bloody hope so.

ILG: My Debut single is nearly ready, if I make you a special will you spin it?
SPYRO: If it’s banging without a special i’ll play it. I WILL PLAY ANYTHING THAT’S BANGING!

ILG: What are your plans for 2010?
SPYRO: 2010 i’m going in for the kill. I’m on this producing ting again so ur gonna hear more of me and i’m gonna put in 110 % when it comes to Djing on top of all of that i’ll be touring with Strydes so it will be a busy one.


SPYRO: I wanna big up everyone who likes the way I play music and everyone that is inspired to go out there and start playing music whatever they want to play. Also gotta big up Geeneus for giving me a show on Rinse Fm.

ILG: Who do you think I am? 

SPYRO: Your probably someone I talk to on a regs and just don’t know… 
Make sure you follow Sir Spyro on Twitter to find out where he is going to be and what’s new in the life of Sir Spyro and check out the Myspace aswell catch Sir Spyro on Rinse.Fm every Sunday 3-5pm