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Name: Skeamz
Age: 20
Occupation: Producer
Ends you rep:
North London
ILG: Explain to me how you got the name Skeamz?
Skeamz: You know what, it comes from when I was younger and I always cheated on chicks lol (realist talk) and I got called scheming by one chick so I thought ok cool, chopped it up, added a z and misspelled it and got Skeamz.ILG: Alot of people believe that your beat got Chipmunk where he is what is your current relationship and do you have plans to work again?
Skeamz: To be honest I aint spoke to Chippy in a while you know, Chips a cool guy and I respect what he’s doing, iI rate him highly, as for me being the reason he is where he is, you could say the same for me, we helped each other out a lot in different ways, I would work with chipmunk again if he was on it. Lets see what the future brings.

ILG: What was the first tune that you made?
Skeamz: Arrghhhhh, ummm i’ve made bare tunes lol ….. I Think it was called Skeaming Riddim. It was a freestyle beat , I think Double S jumped on it. 
ILG: I understand that aswell as being a producer you work is this because you feel it is not possible to make a substantial amount of money to live on from Grime Music?
Skeamz: If your signed up to PRS then it depends on how much work your willing to put in, I mean if your stuffs being banged on kiss week in week out or on albums etc then it can be well off for you, and also selling your beats to people aswell is a nice little income if you’ve got regular customers, not enough people buy beats though!
ILG: What is your proudest achievement since you have been doing producing Grime?
Skeamz: I would say working with Wiley….. Because when I started I used to listen to Wiley a lot, he is the pioneer of the scene itself, so I consider myself very blessed.

ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?
Skeamz: Producers, without a doubt, without beats there wouldn’t be Mc’s or Dj’s ….. but then its all a big circle isn’t it ?

ILG: I did a youtube search and was amazed at the amount of tunes that you have made do you have plans to release a Cd?
skeamz: I’ve had plans to release a Cd for like a year now, I think 2010 is the year your going to hear a lot from Skeamz. I got a good relationship with most of the scene now so its just a question of me dishin out the right beats to people and getting tuff vocals back. But I defiantly want to get a Cd out in 2010 !

ILG: You recently made this tweet “Master shortie is shit , taio cruz is shit , pop music is shit , anyone who done grime and is now makin pop is shit ,safe!” So what do you think of Tinchy, Wiley and Chipmunk?
Skeamz: I Think Master Shorty Is Shit. I Swear I saw him say he was the best Uk rapper on twitter ? some joke ting. But you know what, I will admit I said pop is shit, I respect what them man are doing cause I know Chippy and Will but its just not my personal preference to listen to pop music, Stryders doing the most, but I rated him more when he was on this “tings in boots” tip and not these funny man pop songs!

ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?
Skeamz: Its just one of those things you kno! its annoying when its your music cause your losing out on money that you worked hard for, but at the same time it gets you a lot of publicity if your unknown. It works two ways. But still STOP DOWNLOADING ILLEGALLY …

ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?
Skeamz: Absynth & Massive (Plugins)

ILG: Have you ever considered being a Mc?  
Skeamz: When I was in year 11 I tried it for a hot sec , I was D.E.A.D. Infact I was dead at music fall stop back then

ILG: You have worked with a lot of big Mc’s who was the hardest to work with?
Skeamz: None you know, its more a case of just making a banger, if its a banger they wont long it off, although sometimes i’ve had to wait a while for a vocal from people but it happens I guess!

ILG: What software do you use to make your beats and what advice would you give to up and coming producers?
Skeamz: I use Fruity Loops 9, I used to use 8 but 9 is better somehow, I cant tell you how because I don’t know lol. In respects to advice, id say jus keep doing your thing, if anyone tells you your dead keep going, everyone used to be rubbish when they first started! MOST IMPORTANTLY, be original !

ILG: What Producers are you feeling at the moment?
Skeamz: Silencer, Teeza, Goose, G.Tank
ILG: What would you say has being the most memorable moment in Grime history?
Skeamz: Ummmmmmm ,I don’t know you know that’s a hard one

ILG: 2010 is fast approaching what are you plans for the new year?
Skeamz: I would say musically 09 has been very quite for me, but that’s because i’ve had a lot going on, so i’m going to flood the scene in the new year, vocals from Mc’s and instrumentals! I got big plans man I jus need to turn them into real life!

ILG: What was your first introduction to Grime?
Skeamz: Wiley – Eskimo (Instrumental) Oh My God , Don’t Get Me Started !! Oh and Dizzee Rascal – Street Fighter (Instrumental) when I heard those tunes I was like right this music is hotttttttttt !
ILG: What Grime Mc would you most like to work with and why?
Skeamz: I Would Say J2K, he’s sick! He’s a very talented guy, his flows nuts and I like the energy he brings to tunes!

ILG: How often do you hit the studio and make tunes?
Skeamz: I Make Tunes In The spare room in my house I got a little set-up, nuttin big but it works, i’m in studio when I can be! I do try!

ILG: Who will win the 2010 World Cup?
Skeamz: England !

ILG: Georgi Kinkladze or Paulo Di Canio?
Skeamz: You Went In! Di Canio!

ILG: If there was a Lord Of The Producers who would you send for?
Skeamz: Whoever I was put up against! nah but I could send for anyone, you’d be surprised the way I have some producers styles on smash!

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?
Skeamz: 87’S are sick i’ve got a good 6 pairs

ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)
Skeamz: Raves! there used to be bare Grime raves but one by one they’ve all disappeared!

ILG: What do you think of abortions are you for or against them? 
Skeamz: I think its one of those ones were you and the person who’s pregnant need to talk, I wouldn’t say I was against them

ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?
Skeamz: As long as we don’t get a grime version of Soulja Boy

ILG: You had a track on the Wiley album how did you hook that up?
Skeamz: Its weird , it was actually DJ Maximum who said to me yeah you got any riddims for wiley so i made one , messaged wiley , and he was feeling it , that guy works soooo fast, imagine like he banged it out like the next day! we weren’t going to release it at first but thought we should see what response it got, it got some good feedback so he told me it was going on his cd! the rest is history

ILG: What does Skeamz do on a daily basis what is your daily routine?
Skeamz: I live a hectic life! I work full time as well as being Skeamz, so id say, I wake up, go to work, come home, chill with the misses, and make beats, go sleep, repeat it all over again! its mad!

ILG: Big ups:
Skeamz: Big up Goose and Dj Merciless, hang tight everyone doing there ting man!

ILG: Who do you think I am?
Skeamz: I Aint Got A CLUE! 

Make sure you check out Skeamz on myspace to hear some of his latest beats, follow Skeamz on Twitter to get updates on his future releases and see what he is getting up to. Facebook users make sure you add Skeamz aswell!