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Name: Untitled
Age: 24

Occupation: 8-8 Soldier
Ends you rep: Too old to rep any ends
ILG: How did you get the name Untitled what is the meaning behind it?
Untitled: To be honest, I chose the name initially because I did not want a name. Although it was still a name, which makes no sense at all. I see Untitled as being a name, which enables me to do anything.  Whether that be funny, sad, mad, emotional etc. Some people’s names in my view make them type cast, something that I don’t want to be.
ILG: Your new cd is finally out how long did it take to put the cd together?
Untitled: Not long at all, maybe a few weeks to be honest. Making the music is easy, the problem is convincing people that its worth the money.
ILG: You have alot of big producers on there how did you hook up with them?
Untitled: Mainly via grime forum. One of the great things the forum is good for.  Some producers approached me. If I downloaded an instrumental from a producer’s thread and liked it, I would contact them.
ILG: You have a tune called Rape on your cd is it a true story?
Untitled: It is fictional. I enjoy story telling, some of my music is real, other songs stem from dreams that I have. When I wake up I just start writing it down.
ILG: I recently heard a tune of yours on BBC1xtra what has the feedback being since then?
Untitled:  Alot more interest from people. More producers are willing to do more work with me. I have more people wishing to spend their hard earned cash on Behave Yourself products. I have to big up Ras Kwame as he has given me a chance. The only thing that hasn’t come out of it is some other Dj’s are still not willing to play my music. Its a shame that you have to get a bring in to get  subscription to the big shows. That’s my perception anyway. Imagine, I emailed 80 plus Djs with my tunes, 30 replied back and the rest never acknowledged my email. Its very disheartening when you put in the effort to make a mixtape for release, to help a so called dying scene and then the same DJs that moan about people not releasing anything do not even reply back.
ILG: What is a normal day for you what do you do on a daily basis?
Untitled: I work 8-8 most days. I have been writing my bars at work for the last 2 years. That was until I printed out a bar for radio, the printed copy went to another printer, the top manager had a read and then gave me a good talking to. So now after work, I go home and write. It makes it harder to get things done because I normally don’t get home until 9 o’clock. Overtime is something I need to do as I’m trying to save for a house and a middle class car. I still have to spend time with my family and do all the normal things outside of music. 2 solo releases and a group release does prove that it is still possible so hold tight all the non releasers.
ILG: Air Max 87, 90, 93, 95 or 97s?
Untitled: Don’t even know what ones are which if i’m honest.  My Mum goes New York every 6 months and just gets clothes and trainers.  Im more of a gadgets man. Duplicators and all that jazz is me!!!!!
ILG: What are your views on bootleggers can they be stopped?
Untitled: They can’t be stopped, nor would I try to stop them. They serve their purpose. I saw Misconceptions on some Ukraine blog. I had no clue what they were saying but that’s still a good look.  My music would of never reached that far.  The only thing I would say is that if you like someone’s music at least buy one track if its available digitally. That will still help the artist. Tell your friends about it and help the artist to grow. 

ILG: Who do you believe is the best Grime Mc at the moment?
Untitled: To be honest I try not to listen to anyone so that my music stays in its purest form. I did download the latest Logan set though and P Money sounded on form.  He’s probably the most consistent at the moment in general terms. Devlin for conceptual music is one of my personal favourites.    
ILG: Now you have finished your cd and it is out have you started working on the follow up?
Untitled: I have 2 mix tapes ready to go at the moment. The tune a day thing that I was doing has meant I have a backlog of tunes that need to be heard. I imagine my next release won’t be until March. Im trying to drop something when the likes of M.I.K, Spitter and all them guys drop something. We are pretty much in the same boat. Up and coming mcs that want a chance.  It would be good if people like us could all reach radio at the same time and bounce of each other.  There’s alot of people that I want to work with next year so I would expect that the tracklisting for Mind Warp 2 will change.
ILG: Usain Bolt or Michael Johnson
Untitled: Mr Bolt, this guy cannot be stopped.
ILG: How did you manage to get a beat off Wiley for your cd and is that beat exclusive to you?
Untitled: I wish it was an exclusive.
ILG: If you got a record deal would you leave Grime and make Pop music?
Untitled:  I would do both. At the end of the day I make what I like, when I like. I have a good job so I wouldn’t compromise my creative side just to make money. Music wouldn’t be fun anymore if that was the case.
ILG: What separates your release from others at the moment?
Untitled: I guess that for the general public to decide. In my opinion I think its different to other releases in terms of the concepts that I have implemented. I have tried to appeal to everyone and I think it has worked rather than being all out greeze or too towards the female market.
ILG: What are your plans for 2010?
Untitled: I would like to release 2 solo mix tapes next year and hopefully a couple group releases aswell. Hopefully people like Logan, Spyro etc will acknowledge my work and start to play it. The Behave yourself clothing is also doing alot right now. So its all about getting that into some mainstream shops.
ILG: Big ups
Untitled: You of course for taking the time out to interview me, My Behave Yourself crew, all the DJs that are supporting me, all the people that are actually supporting me by buying my music and all the producers that are giving me beats to work with.  I seriously appreciate it!!!
ILG: Who do you think I am?
Untitled:  My mate Billy?
Make sure that you go out and support the cause and buy a copy of mind wrap from also make sure you check out Untitled on Facebook



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Name: Elijah
Age: 22

Occupation: Grime Scene Saviour
Ends You Rep: East London
ILG: Is the name Elijah on your birth certificate?
Elijah: Elijah is an acronym so really it is e.l.i.j.a.h 
ILG: You are 1 half of the Butterz partnership, is it just you and Skilliam or do you have a bigger team behind the scenes?
Elijah: Butterz is website/label/radio show run by Skilliam and myself. Nobody else, even though I have had input and opinion from loads of different people
ILG: So how did you and Skilliam hook up and create the Butterz project, and are you related or just good mates?
Elijah: We met at Uni, and he was flatmates with my friend so we have rolled since then. Then ‘Butterz’ thing has just developed, there isn’t any outright objectives for us it changes all the time.
ILG: On your last Ustream Show I heard you say that you was going to release a Terror Danjah vinyl, how did you hook that up and tell me more about this?
Elijah: I met Terror towards the end of 2008 in Uptown I and we have just been exchanging ideas for most of the year. He came up on the Rinse shows a couple of times as well. I kind of filled him in about who are the hottest people at the moment, biggest labels etc and was just giving him ideas about the problems I have as a Grime DJ when playing out. I said to him I need a really epic track and he gave me ‘Bipolar’ and I said can I have a danceable track and he made ‘Air Bubble’ a few days later both over the phone. I didn’t even need to test them I sent it to Skilliam the next morning and asked what he thought, he liked them then I said right that’s the first release then. The test presses are back for that now, and the full release will be in January. I want to hear more Grime in these ‘eceletic’ DJs selection. A lot of the time they don’t play it because the good stuff is tucked away on these bullshit mixtapes. i’m not starting the label to try and ‘bring back’ vinyl in Grime in any way
ILG: So have you got any future releases lined up after the Terror Danjah one and are you also going to make the release available digitally?
Elijah: The release will be available digitally. Number 2 and number 3 are sorted. All I can reveal is 003 is a Remix EP. Because I want to bring back remixes man. Like I told Terror to get Swindle to do the Sidechain remix and that is getting a massive response. Anyone that buys the vinyl by the way ill send them the 320 mp3s
That pisses me off having to buy stuff twice, so I wouldn’t do that to anyone else

ILG: So will that be your main focus for next year pushing the label?
Elijah: At the moment, but things have been changing in my life so quickly I cant comprehend what could happen in say 6 months
ILG: You and Skilliam manage to get alot of bookings overseas how do the foreign crowds take to the grime sound?
Elijah: More time anytime we play out when people aren’t familiar with the music just put it in the dubstep category because its a lot of beats in and around the same tempo init
ILG: How many countries have you had the pleasure of showcasing Grime in?
Elijah: Not even that many bruv. We got Glasgow, Prague and Moscow (TBC) next year though which is a good look. In 09 I did NYC, Amsterdam and Utretcht. Hopefully there will be more soon!

ILG: Do you believe that it is possible to make a full time career from Grime Music and do you currently have a job?
Elijah: For me I can mix a few things that I do and make a decent wage, but not better then what going out and getting a real job would do in the long run, as I have a degree.
ILG: What did you get your degree in?
Elijah: Marketing
ILG: Many Dj’s are also producers have you ever produced or do you have plans to produce in the future?
Elijah: I have never made a beat and never will, my skills are needed elsewhere. I shouldn’t even really be DJing
ILG: What should you be doing then and do you not rate your ability as a Dj?
Elijah: Im good at marketing, I should be marketing this music to brands and the media really. But for now, I have found a niche and I enjoy doing this so much so I will stick with this
ILG: So in a ideal world what will Elijah be doing in 5 years
Elijah: When i’m 27? I see Plastician bought a house on twitter today he is probably about 5 years older then me, so that. Regardless of whether i’m doing music or not.
ILG: Who would you consider to be the best Mc/Dj/Producer at the moment in Grime?
Elijah: MC – P Money / DJ Elijah & Skilliam / Producer Terror Danjah
ILG: What are your views on one night stands?
Elijah: Depends on the woman
ILG: Expand on that answer do you mean if she is on it you are on it?
Elijah: Nah I mean if she is good to go, knows what the deal is then why not? Just use protection init
ILG: What are your views on Uk Funky?
Elijah: I like some of the music, but I don’t really enjoy the way its played. I haven’t heard a lot of quality stuff lately either. Been hearing pretty much the same stuff all year. Nothing is coming close to Geeneus ‘Crackish’ if that’s funky
ILG: Vinyl or Cd, and what was your first vinyl purchase?
Elijah: I don’t even know what was my first record, I bought records before I had decks just because I knew I would never get a legit copy
ILG: What do you prefer to mix on though vinyl or cd?
Elijah: I haven’t really had a run mixing all vinyl really because i’ve only been DJing 18months so CD has always been standard, so I would say CD. But if vinyl used more in Grime still I would probably say vinyl!
ILG: Air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?
Elijah: Only air bubble I deal with is the tune coming out on Butterz. I wear dunks, air forces and whatever I get free haha
ILG: What are your views on illegal downloads?
Elijah: If you don’t think its worth paying for, don’t pay for it, if you really enjoy it, buy it.
ILG: What was the last thing that you downloaded?
Elijah: I bought a Jackie Chan film called Drunken Master from iTunes to watch on my Ipod when I went to DJ in Holland. But I get sent tunes every day, loads, so I accumulate and listen to loads of music.
ILG: If there was a Lord Of The Decks what Dj’s would you send for?
Elijah: Nobody there all my friends
ILG: 2010 is fast approaching what would you call the anthem of 2009?
Elijah: Next Hype. Nothing has come close to that
ILG: What Artists/Producer do you predict to have a big 2010?
Elijah: Hopefully anyone that has been working hard in 2009 can reap the benefits. Producers that will do well are Swindle as he should have stuff out on a variety of labels that will give his music a new audience. Terror has got something coming on Hyperdub as well which again will give him a new market to push Grime to. Artist wise I just want the music to be heard wider. 2008 again there were so many great tunes, but not enough outlets for them to be heard.
ILG: Chipmunk made some outrageous comments aimed at Grime Dj’s what did you think of that and what do you think of him now?
Elijah: I didn’t take it personally as I had no involvement in his development. But if I did, I would of been disappointed. It’s none of my business what he does, same way it’s none of his business what I do. Im sure he is a decent guy, but he is just lost in mainstream music world.
ILG: Talking of mainstream music do you believe that a real Grime song will ever make the National Top10?

Elijah: I don’t think anyone has made a genuine attempt for a long time. Tunes can’t hit the top 10 on mixtapes with videos 3 months after the CD has come out

ILG: I take it you are not a fan of mixtapes am I correct?

Elijah: Not really, they are pretty pointless for anyone in the top 25 artists. They should focus on strong singles, and albums

ILG: Do you think that anyone in Grime has delivered with a strong single or album?

Elijah: Of course otherwise I wouldn’t play the music 

ILG: Have you ever spat lyrics or considered being an Mc?

Elijah: No, this world does not need more MCs!

ILG: My debut single is almost ready will you spin it on your show?

Elijah: If the beat is nang you have probably got a chance. Beats always come first on our show. Most lyrics go over peoples heads anyway


Elijah: Hearing someone else say my name on a crap beat would be a par. The beat would have to be a go 

ILG: Ian Wright or Gabriel Batistuta?

Elijah: Ian Wright is one of my favourite people that ever existed. He is the reason I support Arsenal

ILG: Will Arsenal ever be successful again with Arsene Wenger in charge?

Elijah: I hope so its £45 for a nosebleed seat

ILG: Who introduced you to Grime?

Elijah: The radio. Got to remember this music didn’t have a name for a good 3 years say I can’t remember what I used to refer to it as, But I suppose people say… did you listen to Roll Deep last night Even in What You Call it which was made in 2004 he doesn’t say Grime?

ILG: Do you think Grime is the correct name or do you think it is a name that creates negative attention?

Elijah: Name is irrelevant to me you know. Could of been called something else, but it would still be the same thing, with the same problems. Only thing that is frustrating is when people think all that music on Channel Aka is Grime 
ILG: Big ups:
Elijah: Big up Skilliam and all the Grime Djs. The producers and the MCs. Everyone needs to work together more!
ILG: Who do you think I am?
Elijah: Your somebody that does not have work in the morning or a girlfriend that lives in your house because its late and your Mrs would be telling you to get off the pc and weigh her in lol it’s 3am

Make sure that you follow Butterz on Twitter and check out the Butterz blog on a regular basis for updates on the future releases and make sure you catch the Butterz radio show on Rinse.FM


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Age: 23
Occupation: ???
Ends you rep:E12. MP E15 STRATTY
ILG: Why the name Spyro, did you like the game Spyro The Dragon that much?
SPYRO: You know what this is gonna sound so funny. I have been mixing from a young age and cos my record bag was almost as big as me I could never carry it properly always switching arms and sum 1 come out with I looked like Spyro The Dragon when I carry my records, the names stuck on me ever since 

ILG: How did you become the tour Dj for Tinchy Stryder what is the story I thought it would have being a Dj from Ruff Sqwad?
SPYRO: I became Tinchy’s tour Dj because they was looking for a Dj that would be there for every tour date, basically just someone consistent and Dj Begg was more focused on his football (BADMAN BALLER) and Scholar is a busy guy 24/7. 

ILG: Do you get to wile out and have a mix for the crowd to hear or is it a set track list for you to spin?
SPYRO: OF COURSE!!! in between the acts I give them some grime for there ears and in tinchy’s show I have my own input that we both agree on to add stuff to the show so yeh man always giving them sum of Spyro’s crazy imagination lol
ILG: How old was you when you first got decks and what was your first vinyl?
SPYRO: I was 14 when I got a pair of technics 1200’s and I was I think 12 when I first started spending my dinner money on records lol
ILG: If you find out your girl has denchers would you leave her?
SPYRO: hahahahahahahahaha ur killing it
ILG: If there was a Lord Of The Decks who would you send for?
SPYRO: I would send for Mak Ten, Slimzee and of course Dj Ez because they were the lord of the decks when I was growing up. If it was now times I don’t think I would send for anyone.
ILG: P-Money or Ghetto?
SPYRO: I hate it when people ask me this question so I aint gonna answer it cos there both my mates and if I say one it’s wrong lol

ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?
SPYRO: When it comes to a question like this, then we are all as important as each other what people don’t relise is that we all need each other in some shape or form example mc needs a beat, Producer might need a Mc on a beat and the Dj needs the both of them for hosting etc, so yeh we all need each other!!!!

ILG: I saw you checking out Amelle at 1xtra Live her batty was looking firm did you get the digits?
SPYRO:ha ha ha ha she’s a very nice looking lady but business is business and I aint trying to affect that.

ILG: If my memory is correct im sure you was in a crew called Kamikaze, Was you?
SPYRO: Yeh I was in the crew called kamikaze with Killa K, Offkey, Beastie, Skips, and B Marvel… 

ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?
SPYRO: I don’t understand why people do it cos it aint hard to sign up to itunes and just make a little purchase now and again, who can’t afford 79p? lol

ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?
SPYRO: the last thing I downloaded (copped from itunes) is Rhiana Russian Roulette.

ILG: Do you think that Grime will ever get a UK #1?
SPYRO: I bloody hope so, cos so many artists have come through the doors by doing grime first.
ILG: Alot of your tunes are in demand will you be making any releases any time soon?
SPYRO: yes yes yes.. Dok’s document cd is dropping first then we are going to put together a cd that will have 20 tracks. 1 million %

ILG: Vinyl or CD?
SPYRO: Nothing will beat the feel of a mix with vinyl. The thing is cos I use cdj’s now some people seem to think that I don’t own a pair of technics still… lol

ILG: Many Grime fans would consider you to be 1 of the Top 3 selected Dj’s who would you say are the Top 3 at the moment?
SPYRO: It’s weird cos just the other day I was holding the ariel in to listen to Slimzee on sunday 3-5pm on rinse and now I have this show. I feel happy to think that people think of me as doing well cos there are so many other badboy Dj’s out there and up and coming Dj’s doing what I used to do and that is practice everyday.

ILG: Who introduced you to Grime?
SPYRO: Mak Tizzle

ILG: What is the best Grime set you have ever heard?
SPYRO: Best set I have ever heard is when it was Diesle bk to bk with every badman Dj on Deja Vu and he had North East South West in there and I think that was the first time I heard Trim and I kept rewinding my tdk tape to hear the bars over and over lol

ILG: In your sets you mix Grime and Uk Funky, Many Grime fans hate this and would prefer you to concentrate on Grime what do you have to say to people who believe that as a Grime Dj you should stay away from the evil virus called Uk Funky ?
SPYRO: In my sets I will play the odd one or two maybe but it would not be a carried away ting and do half of my set of funky. On my show u will hear the mix and blend show or a straight grime show depending on how I feel that day but I am concentrating on the Grime more cos that’s the music that made me who I am and I will never forget that.

ILG: What was the first special that you had done for you?
SPYRO: I think the first special I had made for me was a Tu Tuff Crew dub lol I still got it up to this day

ILG: In a average week how many tunes do you receive from producers?
SPYRO: I think about 30 to 40 from all different producers

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?
SPYRO: 97s all the way

ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)
SPYRO: It’s missing the events without trouble cos if there weren’t no trouble then it wouldn’t be in the position its in. I could say its what mc’s say but that would be chatting shit cos 50 cent talks about everthing under the sun and he is rich and people look up to him.

ILG: Romario or Kaka? 

ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?
SPYRO: Yes we will. well I bloody hope so.

ILG: My Debut single is nearly ready, if I make you a special will you spin it?
SPYRO: If it’s banging without a special i’ll play it. I WILL PLAY ANYTHING THAT’S BANGING!

ILG: What are your plans for 2010?
SPYRO: 2010 i’m going in for the kill. I’m on this producing ting again so ur gonna hear more of me and i’m gonna put in 110 % when it comes to Djing on top of all of that i’ll be touring with Strydes so it will be a busy one.


SPYRO: I wanna big up everyone who likes the way I play music and everyone that is inspired to go out there and start playing music whatever they want to play. Also gotta big up Geeneus for giving me a show on Rinse Fm.

ILG: Who do you think I am? 

SPYRO: Your probably someone I talk to on a regs and just don’t know… 
Make sure you follow Sir Spyro on Twitter to find out where he is going to be and what’s new in the life of Sir Spyro and check out the Myspace aswell catch Sir Spyro on Rinse.Fm every Sunday 3-5pm


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Name: Vectra i’m thinking of changing my name to Rampage Vectra lol I think I watch to much UFC  
Age: ???
Ends you rep: North West London
ILG: Why the name Vectra, are you named after the ‘Vauxhall Vectra’?
Vectra: You know what nah I don’t even like dem I would have said the Corsa if I liked the vauxhalls, my first Dj booking I got I never had a Dj name! so I was about to go meet the promoter and I needed to come up with a name, I saw some Safeways bleach in my bath room called vecta so I was like thats me (I was young) then on my way there I was trying to make it sound a bit different then I came up with Vectra not knowing about the car oh well lol
ILG: Are you a part of any crew or are you a solo artist?
Vectra: The crew thing has kinda died out now its more collectives and networks
ILG: How long have you being involved with grime?
Vectra: Since it’s started I started Djing in 2001 so it was still garage a bit in them times but thats when it was turning darker
ILG: Does S.L.K still exist?
Vectra: Nope but i’m thinking of doing a digital release of S.L.K stuff
ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?
Vectra: Dj & Producer, No producer no music, No Dj no body to play the music
ILG: Is Grime better than Funky?
Vectra: Yeah grimes a different hype funkys more like garage but I do like funky but my main genre is grime
ILG: Alot of DJs are producers have you ever produced music or do you have plans to?
Vectra: I make tunes sometimes but I NEVER finish them but I need a new serial for logic 8! anyone?
ILG: As a DJ what has been the highlight of your career?
Vectra: Probably being a part of slk when the track got signed I thought it would get signed and it did lol
ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?
Vectra: Long must stuff is on itunes for 79p, I think it’s people who dont live near or have access to record shops, when I went kent that’s what alot people were saying to me
ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?
Vectra: Young Money Movement Form Datpiff
ILG: Vinyl or CD?
Vectra: Vinyl… but nothing gets released

ILG: What was the first vinyl that you bought?

Vectra: Errrrm Luniz i got 5 on it like 1995 or 6

ILG: When ‘Hype Hype’ got signed did you recieve any of the money?

Vectra: Nope only pa booking money

ILG: As a DJ on are you happy that they might go legit or do you feel it will be a bad move?

Vectra: Im happy it’s a Dj’s dream to be on a legal radio station

ILG: What other DJ’s do you rate highly at the moment?

Vectra: Spyro, JJ, Buttaz, Smallz, Furious, Maximum, Tubby, N type, Logan, Chef, Marcus Nasty & Funk Butcher theres a few more

ILG: Do you think that the lack of vinyl releases in recent years has slowed down grime or made the scene progress as most people release CD’s instead now?

Vectra: Slowed down producers alot of them have gone awol since records went awol

ILG: If you was offerd £5000 a set to play funky house instead of Grime would you do it?

Vectra: Rass who wouldnt tho? people work hard for 4/5 months to earn that lol

ILG: DJ EZ or DJ Slimzee?

Vectra: Ez is Garage Slimzee is Grime. An EZ tape with Sparks, Kie and charlie Brown made me go home and ask my mum for decks for my birthday

ILG: Vectra if you was WWE wrestler what would your special move be and what WWE Diva are you feeling the most?

Vectra: Sweet chin music, RKO and the GTS are my favourites and Divas I would say Malena

ILG: The government hate Grime music, have any events that you have been scheduled to perform at being cancelled as a result of this 696 form?

Vectra: Not yet lol

ILG: 2010 what’s the plan for Vectra?

Vectra: Im going to do some releases with Darq e Freaker the producer of Next Hype im gonna speak to Zdot today infact and try finish some of my own stuff

ILG: If I send you a DJ Vectra special of 1 of my tunes will you spin it?

Vectra: Course

ILG: So Solid are making a return, would you have liked to have seen them come back and do Grime?

Vectra: You never know they might have couple garage/grime stuff on there album

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?

Vectra: 90’s

ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)

Vectra: Live events

ILG: Do you believe a real Grime song could ever go to #1 in the charts?

Vectra: Yeah id like to think so Ghetts and Griminal performing Don’t Phone Me on XFactor would have been good lol

ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?

Vectra: I believe so people have been saying it’s dead since 07 and it’s still here

ILG: Football Manager is out, are you a fan of the game?

Vectra: Not really, never even tried to play it because COD came out the same day last year when I was gonna try but my bro is a fan tho so imma give it a try this time around

ILG: Who will be crowned Premier League Champions this season?

Vectra: Manchester United

ILG: What do you think of Grimebitch, will you miss her?

Vectra: Grimebitch is a legend already

ILG: Big ups

Vectra: Grimeforum, Rinse fm and all the listeners fans and followers of grime and good music in general and I Love Grime!!!

ILG: Who do you think I am?

Vectra: ermmmmmmm I dunno you tell me lol

Make sure that you follow Dj Vectra on Twitter to find out what he has being getting up to and check out the website aswell, for all things Music related (bookings, tunes etc) email


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Name: Spooky Bizzle
Age: 21
Occupation: Versatile DJ & Producer
Ends you rep: Hackney
ILG: Why the name Spooky, do you like horrors?

SPOOKY: Yep. Anything that’s mad gory with blood and guts, that’s why i’m a Certified Mad Man. And my alter-ego is Jigsaw.

 ILG: How did you hook up with Slew Dem?
SPOOKY: Through 1 guy called S Dot who was part of the Younger’s, used to go and mix at his crib, got introduced to the mandem 1 day and the rest was history.

ILG: How old was you when you first got decks and what was your first vinyl?
SPOOKY: I’ve never owned my own set of decks for more than a month. Always used to go studio, book a room and practise like mad. As for 1st vinyl it was RIP Groove by Double 99.
ILG: What was the last film you saw and was it any good?
SPOOKY: Aint been cinema in years. But I did watch ‘Saw 3’ the other day. The black dude in there got it the worse.
ILG: If there was a Lord Of The Decks who would you send for?
SPOOKY: Maximum, Vectra, Logan & Spyro. ALL AT ONCE.
ILG: Why do u like grime?
SPOOKY: Because I. Grime. Daily. I am grime. I do grime to five in the morning. I grime for life. Grime is me and I see a lot of myself in grime. I am the future of grime and grime still has a long way to go. I wanna leave a legacy so that people can look back and say ‘Yeah, Spooky done a lot for grime’. Not a Wiley-style ‘dont-turn-up-to-shit’ legacy though. Call it a send if you want. Least I’m not the 1 making beats with no bass, synth, strings or melody. And tell him to stop sending for Silencer, cause that’s a producer battle he will lose at this moment in time.

ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?
SPOOKY: The producer. Cause if they didn’t make beats, then the DJs would be playing air-line and the MCs would be spitting pure gas.

ILG: What really happened at rinse did you boot down the door?
SPOOKY: Security locked me out. But ask anyone that was there and they will tell you I did not boot down the door. Simple as. Anyone who thinks I did or has heard someone say I did, must be full of British Gas. I know myself well to know what I did and what happened.

ILG: It’s a long while since we had a full Slew Dem set are there plans for one?
SPOOKY: GSi wanted to get everyone together and do that, so WHO KNOWS?

ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?
SPOOKY: Ask PureGrime cause they are making money off it. While hard working artists are left to struggle and trying to eat out of this music game.

ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?
SPOOKY: The Kaoz Emeralds EP by Kriptic Kaoz. It’s sounding nice.

ILG: What out of all your productions is your favourite and why?
SPOOKY:  Everyone would say ‘Joyride’. But I would say ‘Snowforest’. And if u heard G-Man murder this beat, then you would know why.
ILG: Would you chop Ann Robinson for £20k?
SPOOKY: Chop her head off, yep. Then I’d go and press up some releases.

ILG: Vinyl or CD?
SPOOKY: CDs are cool, but vinyl is my 1st love and always will be. No CD can take anything from vinyl.

ILG: As a Grime DJ what has being your proudest moment?
SPOOKY: Playing to a 2,000 strong crowd, and it was only a 10 minute set. But man merked it, regardless.

ILG: Who introduced you to Grime?
SPOOKY: I was in Grime before it was even called Grime.

ILG: What Grime MC do you believe deserves a record deal?
SPOOKY: Right now, I don’t know which MC deserves a record deal when three-quarters of them don’t even touch radio anymore.

ILG: UK Funky what do you think of it?
SPOOKY: It’s OK. But…. GET RID OF THE ‘1 TRICK PONY’ MCs AND THE STUPID WASTE-MAN SKANKS and they might have a chance of saving themselves.

ILG: What Grime DJ’s are overrated?
SPOOKY: I don’t know none. Cause they are all playing funky. And they do a shit job at that. But, I would easily call out half of the shittas on Rinse FM and bury them. On my own. I’d say dig about 10 graves still.

ILG: Have you ever thought about being a MC?
SPOOKY: I have. I Even spat bars once on Heat FM. But i’ll stick to the mixing and beat-making.

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?
SPOOKY: 90’s. Only coz an ex of mine bought me a pair. That’s chicks for you. Always wanna spend their money on a guy who’s involved in music. Ah, the perks of being a DJ. =D

ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)
SPOOKY: More live events. Cunts like the Pussyhole Police can take their Form 696 and shove it up their arse.

ILG: Dennis Irwin or Roberto Carlos?
SPOOKY: Mr. Carlos.

ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?
SPOOKY: We will have a grime scene. Trust. You cant create a genre in music and even think it’s gonna go away. It’s there.

ILG: If I make you a special will you spin it?
SPOOKY: Send it and i’ll give it a spin. Make sure it’s a decent beat tho!

ILG: What are your plans for 2010?
SPOOKY: To corrupt the scene with Ghost House. And to get my Friday 9-11 on Rinse FM back. But we all know that the second thing wont happen.

ILG: Big ups:
SPOOKY: Big up to those who support me, those who are gonna support me in future and those who show me love and have always shown me love. They know that I don’t say much, but I let my music and DJing do the talking for me. Big up JP for throwing me a lifeline when no-one else would. Big up my Slew Dem mans and all of the Urban FM, Ice Cold FM, Addictive FM & Rinse FM family. R.I.P Esco. And big up yourself ILG.

ILG: Who do you think I am?

SPOOKY : A dj and producer, like me, who loves grime!!! Simples!

Make sure you lock in to every wednesday 8-10pm & every friday 12-2am and on Ice Cold 103 fm & every wednesday 12-2am. Make sure you add Dj Spooky on all your favourite social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace


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Name: Manga
Age: 24
Occupation: I make my thoughts rhyme for money aka MC
Ends you rep : North West London
ILG: Why the name Manga, I thought Manga was a porn?
MANGA: Ha you need to watch some human porn fam! The name Manga came from no where you no, I’ve just had it since I was younger. No story
behind it.
ILG: How did you hook up with Rolldeep?
MANGA: I met Wiley then I kept bumping into him all over the place. I also won the Eskimo Dance Mc competion aswell. Which also impressed him. But to make to make a long story short, he rang me said “Do you wanna join roll deep?” I said “yeah wickedcoolsafe”

ILG: How long have you being involved with grime?
MANGA: I would say from the start. I’ve been making lyrics from “ziddapontheriddim” days of UKG. Then the natural progression was to turn to Grime.

ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?
MANGA: Each of them need each other to survive, so none of them are more important then the other.
ILG: Is Grime better than Funky?
MANGA: I prefer listening to Grime, you won’t see me with no funky house in my headphones. Saying that if you see me out I will be definitely skanking out to Funky tunes!

ILG: In a interview I heard you talk about the studio scissors what are they?
MANGA: Ha it’s just when you do a tune, you come back the next day. And your verse has been taken off. Usually happens when were doing RollDeep work because there’s always someone that can replace you.
ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?
MANGA: That’s going to happen regardless, music is so easily accessible now a days. There’s no point complaining about it. So you have to give the consumers a reason to actually buy your cd, make them feel like they are part of your project. That’s why people have Twitter & Youtbe channels. It shows people your every day goings on. That’s the way I think people sell cd’s now
ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?
MANGA: My Name is Drizzy Mixtape

ILG: If you was chopping a chick and her wig fell off would you stop so she could put it back on?
MANGA: Any girl I’m lashing has her real hair. So..

ILG: What is your proudest achievement since you have been doing Grime?
Manga: My proudest achievement so far, is how I’ve learnt how to conduct myself on stage. When I do a show I always put my all in.
ILG: If you was not a MC what would you be doing?
MANGA: Rah, I dunno. Maybe a music journalist.
ILG: What is your favourite tune off the new promo ‘ The Adventures Of’?
MANGA: I think my “she likes” freestyle, because that represents most of my weekends! Haha
ILG: What MC/Producer would you like to collaborate with outside of Rolldeep?
MANGA: Theres loads of people, I can’t even name just a couple. Producer wise I like Rapid, Swindle, Wizzy Wow, Silencer & Davinche. Those are people I’ve never worked with.
ILG: Why does Wiley never turn up?
MANGA: He does turn up to alot of things, but he is a busy guy. And Wiley generally does what he wants any way.
ILG: Do you have a release date for the Mix Cd?
MANGA: No release date yet but now this promos out of the way, I’m working on it alot now.
ILG: What was the last film you saw and was it any good?
MANGA: The last film I watched was Halloween 2. Its was okay, nothing to hype about.
ILG: How often do you record tunes?
MANGA: Most days, even if its a verse on someone’s else tunes. I’m always saying something.

ILG: Is Cesc Fabregas over rated?
MANGA: I don’t watch football, but as I just read the question out loud my brother just shouted out “he’s a badaman” so no, no I don’t.  

ILG: What is the official Rolldeep line up?
MANGA: Wiley, J2k, Flowdan, Brazen, Breeze, Scratchy, Riko, Target,
Danny Weed, Karnage, Skepta & Lil Dee. I think that’s it.

ILG: Do you think Rolldeep miss Dizzee, Jamakabi, Trim and Wonder?

MANGA: I would say no, people have left and come for their own reasons. We still carry on regardless. 

ILG: Who would you like to clash on LOTM 3?
MANGA: Anyone I’m not bothered really, but I know I’m a MC who people seem to like to go against. So more then likely no matter what I said people would always say the other guy won. So I wouldn’t be involved.

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97
MANGA: 95’s
ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)
MANGA: Definitely live events, there’s no events where everyone can showcase there music properly. There’s a few raves about, but when you go there you just shout your most famous lyric and bounce of stage. Funky House as we know has been around for two minutes, but the other month they had a sell out event in Wembley. So we need to make that happen
for our music.

ILG: Is this your first solo venture since joining Rolldeep?

ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?
MANGA: yeah definitely, people always saying all our Grime stars are crossing over into the mainstream and abandoning the scene. But when you check it deep any time you open the newspaper, there saying the word Grime. Even two years ago that wouldn’t of happened. The grime scene might not be happy with the music there putting out now. But major labels and the public are looking at the grime scene because they know that’s where the talent comes from. There’s a new batch of kids we don’t even know about yet that will carry on the grime scene & one’s after them that will take it even further. The grime scene is embedded in our U.K urban culture now, it might change but it won’t ever go.
ILG: Tim Westwood always makes attempts to par you if he offered you out would you swing him?
MANGA: I’d win I’d jump up and box him!! Ha nar I’m playing. Me & Westwood are cool, he’s someone I actually get on with In the music scene not just when were on radio. We always catch joke off each other off air. All the pars you might here us throwing at each other are normal, but sometimes they just spill onto the radio.

ILG: What are your plans for 2010?
MANGA: keep on, release more material. Progress as an Artist.
ILG: Who do you think I am?
MANGA: The Stig

You can follow Manga on twitter and see what he is up to on a daily basis, also make sure that you add Manga on Myspace and on Facebook


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Name: SB
Age: 19
Occupation: Media
Ends you rep: West London / Luton

ILG: What does the SB stand for are they your initials?

SB: It used to stand for Smokey Barz from back in the day but now I got rid of that name, it’s just SB, could be Street Broadcast(ing), Silver Bullet, I dunno.

ILG: What equipment do you use?

SB: Camcorder.

ILG: How long have you being involved with grime?

SB: I can’t remember, I been involved with Grime for TIME.

ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?

SB.TV: Producer because if the producer wasn’t there, then how would and what would the MC spit over and what would the DJ mix?

 ILG: Is Grime better than Funky?

SB: Ohhh I dunno lol, that’s a hard choice. Grimes Grime, Funky you can dance too, although you can dance a bit to Grime, depends what tune it is lol.

ILG: Has Wiley ever not turned up for you?

SB: Lol nah we haven’t done anything organized yet.

ILG: How do you hook up with artists, what is the process?

SB: Either they phone me up or I holla at them.

ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?

SB: Wasteman ting!

ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?

SB: Dexter.
ILG:  Did you ever mc/dj/produce?  

 SB: Yeah all 3. Not now though.

ILG: Who has been the hardest to film and why?

SB: Hmmmmmmmmmmm…. Tempa T in raves because there’s just too many people and it’s hype people jumping around sweating causing condensation on my camera screen lol.

ILG: What piece of work are you most proud of?

SB: My documentary showing youths in a positive light & behind the scenes of Mike Skinner & Giggs – Slow Songs.
ILG: What video/recording was the most fun to record?

SB: Gunna Dee – ‘Get It In’ where they started to throw snowballs at the police, that was funny.
ILG: Grime Deathmatch D Double E VS Blacks who would win?

SB: Lol D Double E lyrically. Blacks physically.
ILG: Why do u like grime?

SB: Cos that’s what I been listening to since I was in school.

ILG: Who introduced you to Grime?

 SB: The TV
ILG: Bushkin or Mighty Moe?

SB: Bushkin.
ILG: Who pays for your travel to locations?

SB: Whoever I’m filming does.
ILG: I would like you to make and release a DVD have you considered this idea before?

 SB: Yeah I’ve thought about it but I’ve never got around to doing so.

ILG: Your catalogue is quite impressive, what artists do you want to add to it?

SB: I’ve filmed everyone whether it was on SB.TV or on Logan Sama’s show so I dunno, I would just like to do more work with others.

ILG: What Mitchell lady would you chop, Roxie,Ronnie,Sam or Peggy?

SB: Peggy.

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?

SB: 95
ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)

SB: Live events.
ILG: What do you think about the work im doing? 

SB: It’s funny & good in a way. big up!
ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?

SB: Hopefully!

ILG: I recently slaughtered Kyo my fans would like a hood video “cough” could it be done?

SB: Lol don’t see why not!

ILG: Who will win this years Champions League?

SB: Chelsea.
ILG:PES2010 was released last Friday did you buy it?


ILG:Big ups:

SB: Big up everyone that’s supporting! & everyone that’s around me, too many names to mention.
ILG: Who do you think I am?

SB: Funny looking guy with some next eyebrows lol.

Follow SB on Twitter to find out what he gets up to on a daily basis and Check out all his videos and interviews on the SB.TV Channel