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Name: Untitled
Age: 24

Occupation: 8-8 Soldier
Ends you rep: Too old to rep any ends
ILG: How did you get the name Untitled what is the meaning behind it?
Untitled: To be honest, I chose the name initially because I did not want a name. Although it was still a name, which makes no sense at all. I see Untitled as being a name, which enables me to do anything.  Whether that be funny, sad, mad, emotional etc. Some people’s names in my view make them type cast, something that I don’t want to be.
ILG: Your new cd is finally out how long did it take to put the cd together?
Untitled: Not long at all, maybe a few weeks to be honest. Making the music is easy, the problem is convincing people that its worth the money.
ILG: You have alot of big producers on there how did you hook up with them?
Untitled: Mainly via grime forum. One of the great things the forum is good for.  Some producers approached me. If I downloaded an instrumental from a producer’s thread and liked it, I would contact them.
ILG: You have a tune called Rape on your cd is it a true story?
Untitled: It is fictional. I enjoy story telling, some of my music is real, other songs stem from dreams that I have. When I wake up I just start writing it down.
ILG: I recently heard a tune of yours on BBC1xtra what has the feedback being since then?
Untitled:  Alot more interest from people. More producers are willing to do more work with me. I have more people wishing to spend their hard earned cash on Behave Yourself products. I have to big up Ras Kwame as he has given me a chance. The only thing that hasn’t come out of it is some other Dj’s are still not willing to play my music. Its a shame that you have to get a bring in to get  subscription to the big shows. That’s my perception anyway. Imagine, I emailed 80 plus Djs with my tunes, 30 replied back and the rest never acknowledged my email. Its very disheartening when you put in the effort to make a mixtape for release, to help a so called dying scene and then the same DJs that moan about people not releasing anything do not even reply back.
ILG: What is a normal day for you what do you do on a daily basis?
Untitled: I work 8-8 most days. I have been writing my bars at work for the last 2 years. That was until I printed out a bar for radio, the printed copy went to another printer, the top manager had a read and then gave me a good talking to. So now after work, I go home and write. It makes it harder to get things done because I normally don’t get home until 9 o’clock. Overtime is something I need to do as I’m trying to save for a house and a middle class car. I still have to spend time with my family and do all the normal things outside of music. 2 solo releases and a group release does prove that it is still possible so hold tight all the non releasers.
ILG: Air Max 87, 90, 93, 95 or 97s?
Untitled: Don’t even know what ones are which if i’m honest.  My Mum goes New York every 6 months and just gets clothes and trainers.  Im more of a gadgets man. Duplicators and all that jazz is me!!!!!
ILG: What are your views on bootleggers can they be stopped?
Untitled: They can’t be stopped, nor would I try to stop them. They serve their purpose. I saw Misconceptions on some Ukraine blog. I had no clue what they were saying but that’s still a good look.  My music would of never reached that far.  The only thing I would say is that if you like someone’s music at least buy one track if its available digitally. That will still help the artist. Tell your friends about it and help the artist to grow. 

ILG: Who do you believe is the best Grime Mc at the moment?
Untitled: To be honest I try not to listen to anyone so that my music stays in its purest form. I did download the latest Logan set though and P Money sounded on form.  He’s probably the most consistent at the moment in general terms. Devlin for conceptual music is one of my personal favourites.    
ILG: Now you have finished your cd and it is out have you started working on the follow up?
Untitled: I have 2 mix tapes ready to go at the moment. The tune a day thing that I was doing has meant I have a backlog of tunes that need to be heard. I imagine my next release won’t be until March. Im trying to drop something when the likes of M.I.K, Spitter and all them guys drop something. We are pretty much in the same boat. Up and coming mcs that want a chance.  It would be good if people like us could all reach radio at the same time and bounce of each other.  There’s alot of people that I want to work with next year so I would expect that the tracklisting for Mind Warp 2 will change.
ILG: Usain Bolt or Michael Johnson
Untitled: Mr Bolt, this guy cannot be stopped.
ILG: How did you manage to get a beat off Wiley for your cd and is that beat exclusive to you?
Untitled: I wish it was an exclusive.
ILG: If you got a record deal would you leave Grime and make Pop music?
Untitled:  I would do both. At the end of the day I make what I like, when I like. I have a good job so I wouldn’t compromise my creative side just to make money. Music wouldn’t be fun anymore if that was the case.
ILG: What separates your release from others at the moment?
Untitled: I guess that for the general public to decide. In my opinion I think its different to other releases in terms of the concepts that I have implemented. I have tried to appeal to everyone and I think it has worked rather than being all out greeze or too towards the female market.
ILG: What are your plans for 2010?
Untitled: I would like to release 2 solo mix tapes next year and hopefully a couple group releases aswell. Hopefully people like Logan, Spyro etc will acknowledge my work and start to play it. The Behave yourself clothing is also doing alot right now. So its all about getting that into some mainstream shops.
ILG: Big ups
Untitled: You of course for taking the time out to interview me, My Behave Yourself crew, all the DJs that are supporting me, all the people that are actually supporting me by buying my music and all the producers that are giving me beats to work with.  I seriously appreciate it!!!
ILG: Who do you think I am?
Untitled:  My mate Billy?
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