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Name: Elijah
Age: 22

Occupation: Grime Scene Saviour
Ends You Rep: East London
ILG: Is the name Elijah on your birth certificate?
Elijah: Elijah is an acronym so really it is e.l.i.j.a.h 
ILG: You are 1 half of the Butterz partnership, is it just you and Skilliam or do you have a bigger team behind the scenes?
Elijah: Butterz is website/label/radio show run by Skilliam and myself. Nobody else, even though I have had input and opinion from loads of different people
ILG: So how did you and Skilliam hook up and create the Butterz project, and are you related or just good mates?
Elijah: We met at Uni, and he was flatmates with my friend so we have rolled since then. Then ‘Butterz’ thing has just developed, there isn’t any outright objectives for us it changes all the time.
ILG: On your last Ustream Show I heard you say that you was going to release a Terror Danjah vinyl, how did you hook that up and tell me more about this?
Elijah: I met Terror towards the end of 2008 in Uptown I and we have just been exchanging ideas for most of the year. He came up on the Rinse shows a couple of times as well. I kind of filled him in about who are the hottest people at the moment, biggest labels etc and was just giving him ideas about the problems I have as a Grime DJ when playing out. I said to him I need a really epic track and he gave me ‘Bipolar’ and I said can I have a danceable track and he made ‘Air Bubble’ a few days later both over the phone. I didn’t even need to test them I sent it to Skilliam the next morning and asked what he thought, he liked them then I said right that’s the first release then. The test presses are back for that now, and the full release will be in January. I want to hear more Grime in these ‘eceletic’ DJs selection. A lot of the time they don’t play it because the good stuff is tucked away on these bullshit mixtapes. i’m not starting the label to try and ‘bring back’ vinyl in Grime in any way
ILG: So have you got any future releases lined up after the Terror Danjah one and are you also going to make the release available digitally?
Elijah: The release will be available digitally. Number 2 and number 3 are sorted. All I can reveal is 003 is a Remix EP. Because I want to bring back remixes man. Like I told Terror to get Swindle to do the Sidechain remix and that is getting a massive response. Anyone that buys the vinyl by the way ill send them the 320 mp3s
That pisses me off having to buy stuff twice, so I wouldn’t do that to anyone else

ILG: So will that be your main focus for next year pushing the label?
Elijah: At the moment, but things have been changing in my life so quickly I cant comprehend what could happen in say 6 months
ILG: You and Skilliam manage to get alot of bookings overseas how do the foreign crowds take to the grime sound?
Elijah: More time anytime we play out when people aren’t familiar with the music just put it in the dubstep category because its a lot of beats in and around the same tempo init
ILG: How many countries have you had the pleasure of showcasing Grime in?
Elijah: Not even that many bruv. We got Glasgow, Prague and Moscow (TBC) next year though which is a good look. In 09 I did NYC, Amsterdam and Utretcht. Hopefully there will be more soon!

ILG: Do you believe that it is possible to make a full time career from Grime Music and do you currently have a job?
Elijah: For me I can mix a few things that I do and make a decent wage, but not better then what going out and getting a real job would do in the long run, as I have a degree.
ILG: What did you get your degree in?
Elijah: Marketing
ILG: Many Dj’s are also producers have you ever produced or do you have plans to produce in the future?
Elijah: I have never made a beat and never will, my skills are needed elsewhere. I shouldn’t even really be DJing
ILG: What should you be doing then and do you not rate your ability as a Dj?
Elijah: Im good at marketing, I should be marketing this music to brands and the media really. But for now, I have found a niche and I enjoy doing this so much so I will stick with this
ILG: So in a ideal world what will Elijah be doing in 5 years
Elijah: When i’m 27? I see Plastician bought a house on twitter today he is probably about 5 years older then me, so that. Regardless of whether i’m doing music or not.
ILG: Who would you consider to be the best Mc/Dj/Producer at the moment in Grime?
Elijah: MC – P Money / DJ Elijah & Skilliam / Producer Terror Danjah
ILG: What are your views on one night stands?
Elijah: Depends on the woman
ILG: Expand on that answer do you mean if she is on it you are on it?
Elijah: Nah I mean if she is good to go, knows what the deal is then why not? Just use protection init
ILG: What are your views on Uk Funky?
Elijah: I like some of the music, but I don’t really enjoy the way its played. I haven’t heard a lot of quality stuff lately either. Been hearing pretty much the same stuff all year. Nothing is coming close to Geeneus ‘Crackish’ if that’s funky
ILG: Vinyl or Cd, and what was your first vinyl purchase?
Elijah: I don’t even know what was my first record, I bought records before I had decks just because I knew I would never get a legit copy
ILG: What do you prefer to mix on though vinyl or cd?
Elijah: I haven’t really had a run mixing all vinyl really because i’ve only been DJing 18months so CD has always been standard, so I would say CD. But if vinyl used more in Grime still I would probably say vinyl!
ILG: Air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?
Elijah: Only air bubble I deal with is the tune coming out on Butterz. I wear dunks, air forces and whatever I get free haha
ILG: What are your views on illegal downloads?
Elijah: If you don’t think its worth paying for, don’t pay for it, if you really enjoy it, buy it.
ILG: What was the last thing that you downloaded?
Elijah: I bought a Jackie Chan film called Drunken Master from iTunes to watch on my Ipod when I went to DJ in Holland. But I get sent tunes every day, loads, so I accumulate and listen to loads of music.
ILG: If there was a Lord Of The Decks what Dj’s would you send for?
Elijah: Nobody there all my friends
ILG: 2010 is fast approaching what would you call the anthem of 2009?
Elijah: Next Hype. Nothing has come close to that
ILG: What Artists/Producer do you predict to have a big 2010?
Elijah: Hopefully anyone that has been working hard in 2009 can reap the benefits. Producers that will do well are Swindle as he should have stuff out on a variety of labels that will give his music a new audience. Terror has got something coming on Hyperdub as well which again will give him a new market to push Grime to. Artist wise I just want the music to be heard wider. 2008 again there were so many great tunes, but not enough outlets for them to be heard.
ILG: Chipmunk made some outrageous comments aimed at Grime Dj’s what did you think of that and what do you think of him now?
Elijah: I didn’t take it personally as I had no involvement in his development. But if I did, I would of been disappointed. It’s none of my business what he does, same way it’s none of his business what I do. Im sure he is a decent guy, but he is just lost in mainstream music world.
ILG: Talking of mainstream music do you believe that a real Grime song will ever make the National Top10?

Elijah: I don’t think anyone has made a genuine attempt for a long time. Tunes can’t hit the top 10 on mixtapes with videos 3 months after the CD has come out

ILG: I take it you are not a fan of mixtapes am I correct?

Elijah: Not really, they are pretty pointless for anyone in the top 25 artists. They should focus on strong singles, and albums

ILG: Do you think that anyone in Grime has delivered with a strong single or album?

Elijah: Of course otherwise I wouldn’t play the music 

ILG: Have you ever spat lyrics or considered being an Mc?

Elijah: No, this world does not need more MCs!

ILG: My debut single is almost ready will you spin it on your show?

Elijah: If the beat is nang you have probably got a chance. Beats always come first on our show. Most lyrics go over peoples heads anyway


Elijah: Hearing someone else say my name on a crap beat would be a par. The beat would have to be a go 

ILG: Ian Wright or Gabriel Batistuta?

Elijah: Ian Wright is one of my favourite people that ever existed. He is the reason I support Arsenal

ILG: Will Arsenal ever be successful again with Arsene Wenger in charge?

Elijah: I hope so its £45 for a nosebleed seat

ILG: Who introduced you to Grime?

Elijah: The radio. Got to remember this music didn’t have a name for a good 3 years say I can’t remember what I used to refer to it as, But I suppose people say… did you listen to Roll Deep last night Even in What You Call it which was made in 2004 he doesn’t say Grime?

ILG: Do you think Grime is the correct name or do you think it is a name that creates negative attention?

Elijah: Name is irrelevant to me you know. Could of been called something else, but it would still be the same thing, with the same problems. Only thing that is frustrating is when people think all that music on Channel Aka is Grime 
ILG: Big ups:
Elijah: Big up Skilliam and all the Grime Djs. The producers and the MCs. Everyone needs to work together more!
ILG: Who do you think I am?
Elijah: Your somebody that does not have work in the morning or a girlfriend that lives in your house because its late and your Mrs would be telling you to get off the pc and weigh her in lol it’s 3am

Make sure that you follow Butterz on Twitter and check out the Butterz blog on a regular basis for updates on the future releases and make sure you catch the Butterz radio show on Rinse.FM


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