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Name: Vectra i’m thinking of changing my name to Rampage Vectra lol I think I watch to much UFC  
Age: ???
Ends you rep: North West London
ILG: Why the name Vectra, are you named after the ‘Vauxhall Vectra’?
Vectra: You know what nah I don’t even like dem I would have said the Corsa if I liked the vauxhalls, my first Dj booking I got I never had a Dj name! so I was about to go meet the promoter and I needed to come up with a name, I saw some Safeways bleach in my bath room called vecta so I was like thats me (I was young) then on my way there I was trying to make it sound a bit different then I came up with Vectra not knowing about the car oh well lol
ILG: Are you a part of any crew or are you a solo artist?
Vectra: The crew thing has kinda died out now its more collectives and networks
ILG: How long have you being involved with grime?
Vectra: Since it’s started I started Djing in 2001 so it was still garage a bit in them times but thats when it was turning darker
ILG: Does S.L.K still exist?
Vectra: Nope but i’m thinking of doing a digital release of S.L.K stuff
ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?
Vectra: Dj & Producer, No producer no music, No Dj no body to play the music
ILG: Is Grime better than Funky?
Vectra: Yeah grimes a different hype funkys more like garage but I do like funky but my main genre is grime
ILG: Alot of DJs are producers have you ever produced music or do you have plans to?
Vectra: I make tunes sometimes but I NEVER finish them but I need a new serial for logic 8! anyone?
ILG: As a DJ what has been the highlight of your career?
Vectra: Probably being a part of slk when the track got signed I thought it would get signed and it did lol
ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?
Vectra: Long must stuff is on itunes for 79p, I think it’s people who dont live near or have access to record shops, when I went kent that’s what alot people were saying to me
ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?
Vectra: Young Money Movement Form Datpiff
ILG: Vinyl or CD?
Vectra: Vinyl… but nothing gets released

ILG: What was the first vinyl that you bought?

Vectra: Errrrm Luniz i got 5 on it like 1995 or 6

ILG: When ‘Hype Hype’ got signed did you recieve any of the money?

Vectra: Nope only pa booking money

ILG: As a DJ on are you happy that they might go legit or do you feel it will be a bad move?

Vectra: Im happy it’s a Dj’s dream to be on a legal radio station

ILG: What other DJ’s do you rate highly at the moment?

Vectra: Spyro, JJ, Buttaz, Smallz, Furious, Maximum, Tubby, N type, Logan, Chef, Marcus Nasty & Funk Butcher theres a few more

ILG: Do you think that the lack of vinyl releases in recent years has slowed down grime or made the scene progress as most people release CD’s instead now?

Vectra: Slowed down producers alot of them have gone awol since records went awol

ILG: If you was offerd £5000 a set to play funky house instead of Grime would you do it?

Vectra: Rass who wouldnt tho? people work hard for 4/5 months to earn that lol

ILG: DJ EZ or DJ Slimzee?

Vectra: Ez is Garage Slimzee is Grime. An EZ tape with Sparks, Kie and charlie Brown made me go home and ask my mum for decks for my birthday

ILG: Vectra if you was WWE wrestler what would your special move be and what WWE Diva are you feeling the most?

Vectra: Sweet chin music, RKO and the GTS are my favourites and Divas I would say Malena

ILG: The government hate Grime music, have any events that you have been scheduled to perform at being cancelled as a result of this 696 form?

Vectra: Not yet lol

ILG: 2010 what’s the plan for Vectra?

Vectra: Im going to do some releases with Darq e Freaker the producer of Next Hype im gonna speak to Zdot today infact and try finish some of my own stuff

ILG: If I send you a DJ Vectra special of 1 of my tunes will you spin it?

Vectra: Course

ILG: So Solid are making a return, would you have liked to have seen them come back and do Grime?

Vectra: You never know they might have couple garage/grime stuff on there album

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?

Vectra: 90’s

ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)

Vectra: Live events

ILG: Do you believe a real Grime song could ever go to #1 in the charts?

Vectra: Yeah id like to think so Ghetts and Griminal performing Don’t Phone Me on XFactor would have been good lol

ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?

Vectra: I believe so people have been saying it’s dead since 07 and it’s still here

ILG: Football Manager is out, are you a fan of the game?

Vectra: Not really, never even tried to play it because COD came out the same day last year when I was gonna try but my bro is a fan tho so imma give it a try this time around

ILG: Who will be crowned Premier League Champions this season?

Vectra: Manchester United

ILG: What do you think of Grimebitch, will you miss her?

Vectra: Grimebitch is a legend already

ILG: Big ups

Vectra: Grimeforum, Rinse fm and all the listeners fans and followers of grime and good music in general and I Love Grime!!!

ILG: Who do you think I am?

Vectra: ermmmmmmm I dunno you tell me lol

Make sure that you follow Dj Vectra on Twitter to find out what he has being getting up to and check out the website aswell, for all things Music related (bookings, tunes etc) email


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