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Name: Spooky Bizzle
Age: 21
Occupation: Versatile DJ & Producer
Ends you rep: Hackney
ILG: Why the name Spooky, do you like horrors?

SPOOKY: Yep. Anything that’s mad gory with blood and guts, that’s why i’m a Certified Mad Man. And my alter-ego is Jigsaw.

 ILG: How did you hook up with Slew Dem?
SPOOKY: Through 1 guy called S Dot who was part of the Younger’s, used to go and mix at his crib, got introduced to the mandem 1 day and the rest was history.

ILG: How old was you when you first got decks and what was your first vinyl?
SPOOKY: I’ve never owned my own set of decks for more than a month. Always used to go studio, book a room and practise like mad. As for 1st vinyl it was RIP Groove by Double 99.
ILG: What was the last film you saw and was it any good?
SPOOKY: Aint been cinema in years. But I did watch ‘Saw 3’ the other day. The black dude in there got it the worse.
ILG: If there was a Lord Of The Decks who would you send for?
SPOOKY: Maximum, Vectra, Logan & Spyro. ALL AT ONCE.
ILG: Why do u like grime?
SPOOKY: Because I. Grime. Daily. I am grime. I do grime to five in the morning. I grime for life. Grime is me and I see a lot of myself in grime. I am the future of grime and grime still has a long way to go. I wanna leave a legacy so that people can look back and say ‘Yeah, Spooky done a lot for grime’. Not a Wiley-style ‘dont-turn-up-to-shit’ legacy though. Call it a send if you want. Least I’m not the 1 making beats with no bass, synth, strings or melody. And tell him to stop sending for Silencer, cause that’s a producer battle he will lose at this moment in time.

ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?
SPOOKY: The producer. Cause if they didn’t make beats, then the DJs would be playing air-line and the MCs would be spitting pure gas.

ILG: What really happened at rinse did you boot down the door?
SPOOKY: Security locked me out. But ask anyone that was there and they will tell you I did not boot down the door. Simple as. Anyone who thinks I did or has heard someone say I did, must be full of British Gas. I know myself well to know what I did and what happened.

ILG: It’s a long while since we had a full Slew Dem set are there plans for one?
SPOOKY: GSi wanted to get everyone together and do that, so WHO KNOWS?

ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?
SPOOKY: Ask PureGrime cause they are making money off it. While hard working artists are left to struggle and trying to eat out of this music game.

ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?
SPOOKY: The Kaoz Emeralds EP by Kriptic Kaoz. It’s sounding nice.

ILG: What out of all your productions is your favourite and why?
SPOOKY:  Everyone would say ‘Joyride’. But I would say ‘Snowforest’. And if u heard G-Man murder this beat, then you would know why.
ILG: Would you chop Ann Robinson for £20k?
SPOOKY: Chop her head off, yep. Then I’d go and press up some releases.

ILG: Vinyl or CD?
SPOOKY: CDs are cool, but vinyl is my 1st love and always will be. No CD can take anything from vinyl.

ILG: As a Grime DJ what has being your proudest moment?
SPOOKY: Playing to a 2,000 strong crowd, and it was only a 10 minute set. But man merked it, regardless.

ILG: Who introduced you to Grime?
SPOOKY: I was in Grime before it was even called Grime.

ILG: What Grime MC do you believe deserves a record deal?
SPOOKY: Right now, I don’t know which MC deserves a record deal when three-quarters of them don’t even touch radio anymore.

ILG: UK Funky what do you think of it?
SPOOKY: It’s OK. But…. GET RID OF THE ‘1 TRICK PONY’ MCs AND THE STUPID WASTE-MAN SKANKS and they might have a chance of saving themselves.

ILG: What Grime DJ’s are overrated?
SPOOKY: I don’t know none. Cause they are all playing funky. And they do a shit job at that. But, I would easily call out half of the shittas on Rinse FM and bury them. On my own. I’d say dig about 10 graves still.

ILG: Have you ever thought about being a MC?
SPOOKY: I have. I Even spat bars once on Heat FM. But i’ll stick to the mixing and beat-making.

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?
SPOOKY: 90’s. Only coz an ex of mine bought me a pair. That’s chicks for you. Always wanna spend their money on a guy who’s involved in music. Ah, the perks of being a DJ. =D

ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)
SPOOKY: More live events. Cunts like the Pussyhole Police can take their Form 696 and shove it up their arse.

ILG: Dennis Irwin or Roberto Carlos?
SPOOKY: Mr. Carlos.

ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?
SPOOKY: We will have a grime scene. Trust. You cant create a genre in music and even think it’s gonna go away. It’s there.

ILG: If I make you a special will you spin it?
SPOOKY: Send it and i’ll give it a spin. Make sure it’s a decent beat tho!

ILG: What are your plans for 2010?
SPOOKY: To corrupt the scene with Ghost House. And to get my Friday 9-11 on Rinse FM back. But we all know that the second thing wont happen.

ILG: Big ups:
SPOOKY: Big up to those who support me, those who are gonna support me in future and those who show me love and have always shown me love. They know that I don’t say much, but I let my music and DJing do the talking for me. Big up JP for throwing me a lifeline when no-one else would. Big up my Slew Dem mans and all of the Urban FM, Ice Cold FM, Addictive FM & Rinse FM family. R.I.P Esco. And big up yourself ILG.

ILG: Who do you think I am?

SPOOKY : A dj and producer, like me, who loves grime!!! Simples!

Make sure you lock in to every wednesday 8-10pm & every friday 12-2am and on Ice Cold 103 fm & every wednesday 12-2am. Make sure you add Dj Spooky on all your favourite social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace

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  1. Spooky went hard on this interview still.
    Reppin 4 grime always. Bigup.

    General Ashman.


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