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Name: Manga
Age: 24
Occupation: I make my thoughts rhyme for money aka MC
Ends you rep : North West London
ILG: Why the name Manga, I thought Manga was a porn?
MANGA: Ha you need to watch some human porn fam! The name Manga came from no where you no, I’ve just had it since I was younger. No story
behind it.
ILG: How did you hook up with Rolldeep?
MANGA: I met Wiley then I kept bumping into him all over the place. I also won the Eskimo Dance Mc competion aswell. Which also impressed him. But to make to make a long story short, he rang me said “Do you wanna join roll deep?” I said “yeah wickedcoolsafe”

ILG: How long have you being involved with grime?
MANGA: I would say from the start. I’ve been making lyrics from “ziddapontheriddim” days of UKG. Then the natural progression was to turn to Grime.

ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?
MANGA: Each of them need each other to survive, so none of them are more important then the other.
ILG: Is Grime better than Funky?
MANGA: I prefer listening to Grime, you won’t see me with no funky house in my headphones. Saying that if you see me out I will be definitely skanking out to Funky tunes!

ILG: In a interview I heard you talk about the studio scissors what are they?
MANGA: Ha it’s just when you do a tune, you come back the next day. And your verse has been taken off. Usually happens when were doing RollDeep work because there’s always someone that can replace you.
ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?
MANGA: That’s going to happen regardless, music is so easily accessible now a days. There’s no point complaining about it. So you have to give the consumers a reason to actually buy your cd, make them feel like they are part of your project. That’s why people have Twitter & Youtbe channels. It shows people your every day goings on. That’s the way I think people sell cd’s now
ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?
MANGA: My Name is Drizzy Mixtape

ILG: If you was chopping a chick and her wig fell off would you stop so she could put it back on?
MANGA: Any girl I’m lashing has her real hair. So..

ILG: What is your proudest achievement since you have been doing Grime?
Manga: My proudest achievement so far, is how I’ve learnt how to conduct myself on stage. When I do a show I always put my all in.
ILG: If you was not a MC what would you be doing?
MANGA: Rah, I dunno. Maybe a music journalist.
ILG: What is your favourite tune off the new promo ‘ The Adventures Of’?
MANGA: I think my “she likes” freestyle, because that represents most of my weekends! Haha
ILG: What MC/Producer would you like to collaborate with outside of Rolldeep?
MANGA: Theres loads of people, I can’t even name just a couple. Producer wise I like Rapid, Swindle, Wizzy Wow, Silencer & Davinche. Those are people I’ve never worked with.
ILG: Why does Wiley never turn up?
MANGA: He does turn up to alot of things, but he is a busy guy. And Wiley generally does what he wants any way.
ILG: Do you have a release date for the Mix Cd?
MANGA: No release date yet but now this promos out of the way, I’m working on it alot now.
ILG: What was the last film you saw and was it any good?
MANGA: The last film I watched was Halloween 2. Its was okay, nothing to hype about.
ILG: How often do you record tunes?
MANGA: Most days, even if its a verse on someone’s else tunes. I’m always saying something.

ILG: Is Cesc Fabregas over rated?
MANGA: I don’t watch football, but as I just read the question out loud my brother just shouted out “he’s a badaman” so no, no I don’t.  

ILG: What is the official Rolldeep line up?
MANGA: Wiley, J2k, Flowdan, Brazen, Breeze, Scratchy, Riko, Target,
Danny Weed, Karnage, Skepta & Lil Dee. I think that’s it.

ILG: Do you think Rolldeep miss Dizzee, Jamakabi, Trim and Wonder?

MANGA: I would say no, people have left and come for their own reasons. We still carry on regardless. 

ILG: Who would you like to clash on LOTM 3?
MANGA: Anyone I’m not bothered really, but I know I’m a MC who people seem to like to go against. So more then likely no matter what I said people would always say the other guy won. So I wouldn’t be involved.

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97
MANGA: 95’s
ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)
MANGA: Definitely live events, there’s no events where everyone can showcase there music properly. There’s a few raves about, but when you go there you just shout your most famous lyric and bounce of stage. Funky House as we know has been around for two minutes, but the other month they had a sell out event in Wembley. So we need to make that happen
for our music.

ILG: Is this your first solo venture since joining Rolldeep?

ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?
MANGA: yeah definitely, people always saying all our Grime stars are crossing over into the mainstream and abandoning the scene. But when you check it deep any time you open the newspaper, there saying the word Grime. Even two years ago that wouldn’t of happened. The grime scene might not be happy with the music there putting out now. But major labels and the public are looking at the grime scene because they know that’s where the talent comes from. There’s a new batch of kids we don’t even know about yet that will carry on the grime scene & one’s after them that will take it even further. The grime scene is embedded in our U.K urban culture now, it might change but it won’t ever go.
ILG: Tim Westwood always makes attempts to par you if he offered you out would you swing him?
MANGA: I’d win I’d jump up and box him!! Ha nar I’m playing. Me & Westwood are cool, he’s someone I actually get on with In the music scene not just when were on radio. We always catch joke off each other off air. All the pars you might here us throwing at each other are normal, but sometimes they just spill onto the radio.

ILG: What are your plans for 2010?
MANGA: keep on, release more material. Progress as an Artist.
ILG: Who do you think I am?
MANGA: The Stig

You can follow Manga on twitter and see what he is up to on a daily basis, also make sure that you add Manga on Myspace and on Facebook


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