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Name: Rude Kid

Age: 22

Occupation: Producer

Ends you rep: London
ILG: Why the name Rude Kid, was you a rude kid? 

RK: The name just stuck from school days!

ILG: Where did the “Are You Ready” come from?

RK: Erm.. when I started making beats I had a CD with bare songs on it.. and I just sampled “Are You Ready” and started putting it in a few tunes..and when I didn’t put it in tunes people would ask why I didn’t use it.. so it jus become a signature sound/trademark.
ILG: How long have you being involved with grime?

RK: For about 2 or 3 years now i’ve been involved but i’ve been a fan of grime since it was born.

ILG: What is the deal with your instrumental CD?

RK: The instrumental cd is complete just waiting for it to get pressed! Jack Daniels EP will be out before that though with : Jack Daniels, Emergency, London Town, & Best Crawler (prod by Rude kid & Terror Danjah) and also look out for the Jack Daniels instrumental video

ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?

RK: I definitely think producers because without them there is no music, but then again Dj’s are important aswell because with out Dj’s there’s no plays.. and without MC’s there’s no songs. I guess everyone is important (producers more though LOL)

ILG: Is Grime better than Funky?

RK: Grime is better .. but I like funky house aswell.
ILG: Have you ever tried your hand at being a DJ?

RK: Yh man im gonna start mixing properly soon you know..  i’ve done a booking before aswell and that went well

ILG: What out of your productions is your personal favourite?

RK: Wow.. that is a hard one.. I would say UFO MODE because that tune still gets the sickest reaction from people in raves… but my recent favourite tune is ELECTRIC
ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?

RK: I think people should always buy music, because if people keep downloading there will be no scene left and everyone will start doing other genre’s which will bring the money in, so support UK Music
ILG: I heard you was going to have a track on the Dizzee Rascal album, what happened?

RK:??? Is it? I would like to work with him though! 

ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?

RK: Skepta – Lush and the remixes, even though one of the remixes was mine, still gotta support it! Big up skep

ILG: Vinyl or CD releases what do you prefer?

RK: CD’s more people get them, not everyone has Vinyl
ILG: Alien Muzik, are you still together? 

RK: Yh man course, everyone is doing there own projects we are all busy in the studio at the moment
ILG: What programme do you use to make your beats?
RK: Fruityloops

ILG: How long does it take to make a beat?RK: Sometimes it can take like 30 minutes, sometimes it can take a few hours, it depends really on how your feeling on the day and how well your brain is working
ILG: Was ‘The Best’ meant for Wiley?

 RK: He was gonna use it but Ghetts had the sing 4 me idea and Wiley said it was cool for him to use it

ILG: Scorcher and Terminator vocalled your beat Electric is it true it was done with out your permission?

RK: Yh that’s true, it’s not their fault though. Logan gave them the beat without asking me, Logan should of asked me first but I spoke to Logan about it anyway and it’s sorted out now the instrumentals gonna be on my CD!
ILG: Do you make Funky/Rap or strictly Grime?

RK: Grime for now, but I can make some good dance music still lol

ILG: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

RK: Ronaldo

ILG: You watch Eastenders who would you rather lash Heather, Sam Mitchell or Pat Butchher?

RK: WOW!!!! That is a hard one there all peng HAHAHAH!! (joke). None of them man, Heather looks like a Wrestler, Sam looks like Chuckies bride and Pat is just old 

ILG: What do you hope 2010 brings for Rude Kid?

RK: Success. I just hope I do well in the music scene 
ILG: Could you give me any production tips I make beats aswell?

RK: Erm yh always practice making beats and try to be unique that is what gets you noticed.
Like terror danjah has his own style, Silencer, Rapid, Joker, Swindle, Maniac, Dot Rotten and me aswell we all have different styles which got us noticed.
ILG: How do you hook up with MC’s who makes contact with who what is the process?

RK: Well know I no most of the MC’s so they usually ring me, or it’s usually email, twitter, facebook internet plays a big part in this world.

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?

RK: ooo I think 87 right now
ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)

RK: More raves, more supporters, more legal radio shows and more female listeners
ILG: What do you think about the charts do you wanna top them?

RK: I would love to make a number 1 single in the charts!

ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?

RK: 100% I think labels are gonna start to see that all the people who come from grime are the people who are getting the number 1’s and there gonna start paying attention to grime.

 ILG: Fifa 10 or PES2010?

RK: Has to be pro I aint played Fifa 10 yet but alot of people are saying it’s better, I need to play that
ILG: Can England win the 2010 World Cup?

RK: I don’t think they will but, “COME ON ENGLAND”
ILG: Breasts or Batty?

RK: Both
ILG: Big ups

RK: Big up all the people who support my music, big up Alien Muzik, big up No Hats No Hoods and I LOVE GRIME
ILG: Who do you think I am?

RK: No idea, who are you?

Make sure that you check out RudeKid’s Myspace and follow RudeKid on Twitter to find out what he has being up to also Facebook users add ‘Rude Kid Music’


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  1. Sickkkk producer! 🙂
    I’ve always wondered.. is he asian or mixed race? =/



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