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Names: Merky ACE, M.I.K
Occupation: Self Employed

Crew: Family Tree
Ends you rep:
South East London

ILG: Why the name Merky ACE? What does it mean? Same for you M.I.K, why that name and whats does it stand for?

M.A: Merky ACE relates to my real name which is “Aisa” (Pronounced Ace-r) & the Merky part is simply an adjective of my ways.

M.I.K: Music Is Knowledge

ILG: You guys collaborate alot how did you hook up?

M.A: Musically we started working together because M.I.K spotted I was on this Grime hype from early so he just started bringing me radio. Ever since then me, him & the rest of the Family Tree just formed because we was always spitting together, plus I got da workrate factor too so I was able to keep up with the mad radio slots that were far and at crazy times regardless of my age (Which was younger then).

M.I.K: Yeah, What Merky said.

ILG: How long have you been a MC?

M.A: Since Grime never had a name I been spitting, I can’t put a time on it but I was definatly putting bars together during the Ms. Dynamite – Booo & So Solid era.

M.I.K: Bout 6 years now

ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?

M.A: In my opinion the MC should come last in that table as Grime can be done with just DJ’s & Producers as some of the beats are tough enough to stand alone like in dubstep, However this is not the case so I say MC then Producer & finally DJ. I say that because DJ’s just Increase promotion rate of the music where as MCs and Producers directly make it.

M.I.K: In this order, Producer, DJ, MC.

ILG: Is Grime better than Rap?

M.A: No. However Rap producers are more intresting. Producers like Araab Muzik & Timberland create some fire Rap instrumentals that I myself feel alot but on a whole Grime is the 100% undisputed champ out of the two simply for the energy Grime brings without even mentioning the lyrics & the listening quality of the songs we make.

M.I.K: Rap has been around much longer so it’s had more time to develop as a genre, Get a world wide recognition and become a very well organized scene, what I would call it now is a business so for those reason I’d say raps got the upper hand.
ILG: What MC would you like to fight in a UFC style brawl?

M.A: Fellow Family Tree members Ego & TKO for workin on releases that will put mine to shame.

M.I.K: Anyone.
ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?

M.A: Grimewise I don’t agree with it, if you dont like the music enough to buy it then you should not listen to it. If the releases are not available or out of stock for a considerbaly long time then the artist is to blame if it occurs though. Couldnt care about other Genres (Dubstep gets a pass though and you should not download it).

M.I.K: If your product is worth buying people will buy it.
ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?

M.A: An instrumental produced by Spooky which he sent to my inbox.

M.I.K: A picture of a donkey.

ILG: Fifa or Pro?  

M.A: Fifa. Pro fell off the competition many many years ago when Fifa Stepped up it’s game.

M.I.K: Don’t play computer games anymore but from what I remember it’s a Fifa ting now.

ILG: Why have you given away so much music for free? Has the recession not affected you?

M.A: For me it’s a way of showing people when my mixtape comes out what it’s going to be like. By doing many of these free releases it also shows people my consistency. I like doing free music for the listeners of Grime aswell, when you pay 5 pound for something that you dont even like it’s a bit of a jar so I bring out free quality music for people to realise theres still hope. Recession is just a rumour made up by a lazy person.

M.I.K: All the free stuff was for promotional reasons really which has helped me in the long run I feel.

ILG: What MC/Producer would you like to collaborate with?
M.A: MC wise i’m happy with the team of artist’s I work with but Producer wise I wont lie Skepta’s sound with those trumpets, skippy drum pattern & that stock Fruity Loops bass is disgusting so I would have to say him even though the Family Tree producers are very strong (Smurf, Yoga, Bleath, The Killa Omen & Splurt).

M.I.K: Producers Davinche.

ILG: Why do u like grime?

M.A: It’s U.K made, has alot of energy & I can relate to it. I saw the scene form into what it is today and I like the way its turned out.

M.I.K: I just like it cant really explain why.

ILG: Who introduced you to Grime?

M.A: I introduced myself.

M.I.K: Myself.
ILG: I heard you guys wanna vocal my tune Gordon’s Death is that true?

M.A: lol I didnt feel that one 2 be real I think that was M.I.K but the Bass on the R.I.P Kyo 1 is tough still.

M.I.K: If thats the one with the Irish sample >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

ILG: Is M.I.K better than Lee Brasco?

M.A: That is my answer.

M.I.K: Looool, Yes, But that won’t save me in any typa way cause everyone know that from sunrise. 

ILG: What artists do you think are overrated?

M.A: I dont really watch all that because evryone is known for different reasons. I dont really feel Shorty from BBK but his Part on Too Many Man is the most memorable. If anyones overrated though listeners are to blame.

M.I.K: Goodz.
ILG: If your girl had a abortion would you slap her face?

M.A: No, i’d probaly shake her hand and say thanks.

M.I.K: Looool, No.

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?

M.A: None. Air force 1’s are the best.

M.I.K: Dem creps aint grime it’s always been a AF1’s ting for me. 
ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)

M.A: People that are intrested, if more people were intrested these would naturally happen due to high demand. The number of Grime listeners has gone down considerbraly compared to before due to watered down acts spoiling it.
M.I.K: The real supporters it’s all fanboys, Followers, Groupies and internet street teams now. 

ILG: Would you sell out and make pop/electro/funky for the correct fee?

M.A: I dont wanna do those genres so would not do it for no amount of money, if i ever make a commercial song it will have the same layout as The Streets – Get Out My House Remix or The Streets – Prangin Out Remix. Both were remixes of more comercial music but had the Grime sound to it.

M.I.K: Listen, It’s not called selling out it’s called getting paid you gotta do what you gotta do, So no I would not sell out I’d get paid and if I did I’d still keep it grime in some form.
ILG: What are your plans for the rest of the year musically?

M.A: Release the remaining free releases out of my campaign to have 10 free releases out there, my mixtape is definatly coming next year but what time next year is uncertain.

M.I.K: Working on my next release ‘Grime To Five’.
ILG: Big ups:

M.A: Family Tree members Ego, TKO, Shif Man, Yoga, Smurf, The Killa Omen, Splurt & Bleath. Also Big up evry1 helping the scene and yourself.

M.I.K: Everyone doing music and yourself.
ILG: Who do you think I am?

M.A: Satan??

M.I.K: Katie Price, Jonathan Ross or Chimpmunk.

Make sure you download the latest pieces of work from Merky Ace and M.I.K both of there latest CD’s are attatched so have a listen and make sure you buy the full releases when they come out!

M.I.K- I Declare War Download

Merky Ace- Shinobi EP Sampler

Merky Ace- ‘Best Of Merky Ace’


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