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Name: Lee Brasco
Age: 23
Ends you rep: Bow E3
ILG: Why the name Brasco, is it your surname?

LB: My middle name

ILG: Are you a part of any crew or are you a solo artist?

LB: Solo
ILG: How long have you being involved with grime? 
LB: Properly since it was 2006
ILG: What is the situation with M.I.K?

LB: Who? 

ILG: Who is more important the MC/DJ/Producer?

LB: I think the dj because without them we wouldnt have no radio, raves etc

ILG: Is Grime better than Funky? 

LB: I like the both of them but if you want a quick buzz and £500 a booking then funky house, but grime is wear my heart is, I will not be a grime reject and fully commit funky house

ILG: Can you speak any other languages? 

LB: Im jamaican but i understand abit of euroba   

ILG: How did you hook up with the Ruff Sqwad? 

LB: We all grew up together, same area, same school and we roll together
ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads? 

LB: To be honest I get people to send me the odd tune but as for illegally downloading a whole album or mixtape im not really digging it, I will buy the album/mixtape for eg i happily bought all trims mixtapes, tinchys album and wileys album, and one thing that pisses me off is that all these people illegally download this and that song/album/mixtape from artists even if they dont like them – it makes no sense.
ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?

LB: I dont personally download but I ask people to get me tunes here and there but it was a Rick Ross track called Luxury Tax

ILG: Do you want a record deal? 

LB: I would love a deal but if I could do it on my own I would be more than happy too

ILG: You do both Grime and Rap, what do you prefer?  

LB: Grime because I feel I get to say more
ILG: Has success changed Tinchy Stryder?

LB: Nah hes still normal

ILG: Since you have being involved with music what is your proudest moment?

LB: Calvin Harris saying he liked my track, that gave me a good drive to get more music done.

ILG: Do you want Rinse.FM to go legit?

LB: Im not actually bothered because I will still be going on there but it would be nice for the DJs to get a real shine and more value if it went legit, some of them dont get enough ratings for their work.
ILG: What MC/Producer would you like to collaborate with?

LB: Well my best mc is Trim and I got plenty tunes with him, and my best producer is Rapid and I got plenty of his beats so I feel very privileged.
ILG: Why do u like grime?

LB: I like the rawness it has, and it has the power to break a mc to the mainstream – thats a powerful thing there

ILG: Lee Brasco or M.I.K bar for bar who is better?

LB: I really dont understand the comparison with me and this dude, people are acting like it’s Wiley vs Skepta, he was obviously bored so he wrote a 3 min tune for me and put it on his mixtape so good luck to the fella

ILG: Who introduced you to Grime?

LB: I introduced myself, when I used to listen to radio when I was younger when I got home from school, I was locked in to flowdan and riko. I dont even think it was called grime then
ILG: I heard Delusion is your brother, How come I am yet to hear a collaboration and where is he?

LB: He’s in his world trying to get money but we are doing a joint download mixtape very soon when he is mentally ready for it, because hes got lot of things going on in his head

ILG: 2010 what are your plans?

LB: Drop 2 Deep With The Lines vol 1 and 2, also my free promo series Drastic Measure vol.3 and a couple of videos. I got a good work rate so lets see what happens and how it goes, people say im swag and this and that and I want to make this clear I dont mc to gain friends and be the sickest mc, I just want to get my message accross through music, im just a normal guy i dont think im superior like other guys, im not no grime diva and I surely dont think im 50 cent! so if you appreciate me and my music I got enough love for you and thank you very much
ILG: I was looking forward to your cd with Rapid now it has been cancelled what are your plans?

LB: I scrapped all the vocals and gave him the beats back now he’s gonna use them for his projects which is gonna be massive, he’s got some interesting collabs on there
ILG: What mc do you think deserves chart success?

LB: Definatly JME because he works hard and he is very creative so I wish him the best in the future, he has alot to offer the mainstream. he has come along way

ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?

LB: 97 I got alot of pairs of them
ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)

LB: Grime needs more raves and the mcs need more charisma and personality
ILG: Grime mc’s who make funky/electro/pop in order to get #1’s are they sell outs? 

LB: Nope- they are trying to provide for their families so I cant be angry at them,  I like to spit on anything but i am a grime mc first, I see success makes alot of people act up but its life, let them get on with it. Mc’s spitting on pop and all that stuff is still helping grime because fans will look at their back catalogues and listen to the grime music they used to make and that shines a torch on us

ILG: In 5 years will we have a grime scene?

LB: Mainstream I hope because as a unit we all work hard to push the scene forward like Grimeforum, Rwd mag, youtube accounts etc.. like my nan says ‘the dirt shall gleam a diamond if seen through the right eyes’

ILG: Fifa10 or PES2010?

LB: Don’t play computer 
ILG: Was Cristiano Ronaldo really worth £80million?

LB: I dont watch football that much but no he was not
ILG: If I send you 1 of my skeng daddy beats will you vocal it?

LB: If the beat is good I will have it written to and vocalled within two days!
ILG: Big ups

LB: Big up everyone who respects good music and is in reality
ILG: Who do you think I am?

LB: Looking by your profile, a wierd looking guy

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Drastic Measures Vol 2-

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