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Name: Josh ‘Arkan’ Bailey
Age: 23
Occupation: Student and Part time Ketamin fiend
Ends you rep: Ive moved about more than the wandering jew. Originally from Croydon, so i should really rep there.
ILG: What does Arkan mean?

Arkan: Right, im going to keep this short, Arkan was the nickname of this guy from Yugoslavia, who lets just say was a bit of a naughty boy, just like me. But look him up on Wikipedia then you’ll know.

ILG: Who is your favourite MC and why?

Arkan: This is a hard question, im gonna have to go for a top 3:
Wiley – the guy is a certified don, you cant top him, productions and lyrically wise
Trim – In terms of wordplay, hes second to none.
Gods Gift – This is how i got into grime originally, i used to listen to this bashment show on Deja vu, like 02/03 times, and decided to see what was on after, and the first thing i hear is this guy with a yardie flow, roaring “step pon sodomite step pon dem”, so i really thank GG for getting me into grime, every bar is just pure fire.
ILG: Grime or Basment Girls?

Arkan: Bashment girls. Grime girls have an attidude problem. And give me strange looks when i buss the bogle inna dance. I think its jealousy that some skinny white boy can groove better than them.
ILG: What was your first vinyl/cd purchase?

Arkan: The first ever CD i bought with my own money was “Gangster Paradise” by Coolio. But for grime i think it was Treddin on Thin Ice.
ILG: What are you views on illegal downloads?

Arkan: Im not going to lie, i download illegally on the regular. Mainly reggae because its hard to find alot of stuff over here, but usually, ill download a grime mixtape whatever, if i like it ill buy a physical copy, if i dont ill delete it, theres alot of shit being churned out, and for quality control its better to download, prime example is RSG’s new mixtape. Absolute Pie, and i bought the CD, when i should really of downloaded it.
ILG: What was the last thing you downloaded?

Arkan: Home Sweet Home by Kano, my cd is scratched to shit, so had to D/L it.
ILG: Whats is you most expensive purchase?

Arkan: Apart from holidays and that i would say it was these Evisu Jeans, with real gold stitching. £250, i got tip ex on them after about 3 wears.
ILG:Be honest Arkan, would you chop a girl who was peng but has no legs?

Arkan: Yes, easier access.
ILG: Why do u like grime?

Arkan: Its the hype around it. Though i cant relate to shottin crack and ‘lengin a man down’, when you hear some dirty beat or some greezy bars, it just proper pumps you up you know.
ILG:Who introduced you to GrimeForum?

Arkan: I was RWD for a long time (hold tight Eskemo Boy) it started to die, so i jumped ship to GF.
ILG:Who will win if they ever clash Ghetto or P-Money?

Arkan: I would say Ghetts, but im not a big fan of this, so i would prefer P money.
ILG:Mavado,Cartel or Sanchez?

Arkan:  Movado is overrated. Kartel is big from day one so for dancehall i would say Vybz. But Sanchez is alot for when you have a girl round.
ILG: What artists do you think are overrated?

Arkan: Ghetto. Doogz. And all these youngers like Maxsta etc, i really cant be fucked to listen to some kid with a high voice talking about boaring guys because of mans postcode.
ILG: Will funky house be around in 2013?

Arkan: I hope not.
ILG: Nike air max 87/90/93/95 or 97?

Arkan: 90. Im more of a dunks guy myself.
ILG: What do you think grime is missing? (live events/sets/radio)

Arkan: I dont think its missing any of those things you have mentioned, the main thing it is missing is real promotion. An artist like Black the Ripper, could blow, the guy has bars and a sick flow, but no majors want to promote people who are from the grime or hiphop genre. The only way that people have got in the charts is because they have watered down there content. I still respect people like rascal and tinchy, there making money, alot of money, and good on them, but there not looking to bring people through.
Rascal is a prime example, he could of got the Newham Generals Album in top 40 easily if he personally went out on tv or in the written media and said, go buy this album, but he didnt, which is a real shame.
ILG: Will Wiley ever get a national number 1?

Arkan: Not with grime he wont. Im sorry to say but grime could of got somewhere when Oi, and POW came out, but that was what? Four years ago?
But at the same time, even with his non grimey tunes he or the record labels didnt promote them at all apart from WMR. And tbh he chooses the wrong songs to bring out as singles. So no i dont think he will.
ILG: I heard your bars the forum went mad, do u still mc and what mad you showcase your skills? Arkan: That vid, was honestly the first time ive properly MC’d. I joke with my mates and we all come out with stupid bars, but that was the first time i sat down, wrote something and aired it people.  I did it, because GF at the time was boring me, the same old threads about the same old things, so i thought id try to pick it up abit. And also the fact i was very high at the time was probably a contributor to why i even filmed it.
ILG: Big ups:

Arkan: I have to big up 98% of people on GF, you guys give me jokes, and big up the people who clocked me at FWDvsRinse. And obviously all my mates who wont even read this, because they hate grime, but still i get my banterist inspiration from these guys.
ILG: Who do you think I am?

Arkan: I think Prancehall. I personally think your white, but you have a very convincing yardie flow, and i know hes into his reggae like myself.
Or Joe, as he has about 30 odd aliases.

And for everyone, ive done a quick 20 min mix, i havent DJ’s for a very long while, and i can’t mix down for shit either, so i know its not on par with alot of peoples mixes i hear. But its just a few of my favs tracks i could find.

1: Intro
2: Your not ready – Wiley
3: Shank Riddim – Danny Weed
4: Lava – Jammer
5: Lift Off VIP – Macarbe Unit
6: Magic Carpet – Bogey Man
7: Fat Larry’s Skank – Kode 9
8: Triplets II – Sticky
9: Storm – Wookie
10: Bang Bang – Jon E Cash
11: Frontline (Terror Danjah rmx)
12: Cricket Bat – Killa P/Skepta/Jendor
13: The war – DJ Spooky
14: Destruction VIP – D Double/Wiley/Kano/Dirty Doogz
15: Weed man – Killa p & Flowdan
16: Bumboclaated Rasclaat – Arkan (Critic of Musical Arts Rmx)
17: Outro


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